September 1, 2021
Game Design workshop _ Damien Bruyndonckx
September 1, 2021
Game Design workshop _ Damien Bruyndonckx
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Bio: Damien Bruyndonckx is the founder and the CEO of One2Learn a Belgium-based eLearning company. Damien has a 15+ years experience in the field of eLearning and has been using Captivate since version 1. He specializes in eLearning development, instructional videos and virtual classes. Damien is the co-author of the Mastering Adobe Captivate series and regularly speaks at conferences all around the world. He is an Adobe Captivate Specialist Instructor, an Adobe Education Leader and holds an Elementary School Teacher degree.

Game Design workshop

Session description

People learn best when they have fun! This is something teachers and instructors have known for thousands of years, which is why games are one of the oldest and most effective learning strategies known to mankind. Therefore, the ability to develop meaningful eLearning games is a must for all eLearning developers.

In this session, you will cover some of the most common game design elements and learn how to implement them with Adobe Captivate 2019 by building simple eLearning games from scratch. Game design elements covered in this session include

  • Setting up a scoring system to keep track of the scores using variables and advanced actions
  • Setting up random elements using JavaScript.
  • Extensive coverage of the drag and drop interaction (a learner favorite).
  • creation of advanced interactions with custom states.
  • And more.

By the end of this workshop, you will have reviewed the tools and techniques you’ll need to include the most common game design elements in your own Adobe Captivate 2019 projects.

Main takeaways

The five main takeaways of this session are

  • The use of game design elements in your Adobe Captivate eLearning projects
  • Using Variables and Advanced actions to keep track of the scores
  • Using JavaScript with Adobe Captivate to add randomness to the game
  • Using custom states to build advanced interactions
  • Using all the options of the Drag and Drop interaction

This session is designed for instructional designers and eLearning developers who already have some experience with Adobe Captivate and want to incorporate game design elements into their eLearning projects.


Download  workshop handouts

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