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Announcing new Text-to-speech voices in Captivate 5

Take a moment and think about the eLearning content that was generated last year-
– honestly, did you not create more courses with audio narration last year? My customer interactions definitely indicate that this is the case. And the single biggest reason is Captivate 4 voices. The NeoSpeech text-to-speech (TTS) feature really touched a chord.

Many Captivate customers use TTS as the voice in the final published course. These folks have figured out how to use the dictionary to customize the NeoSpeech voices, and to use VTML tags to add more character to the voices. And many others have figured out that adding the TTS voice to the initial drafts of the course, helps in painting a complete picture during the review cycles, and also in editing and timing of the course.

Now with Captivate 5, text-to-speech goes multi-lingual! We’ve now added a new partner- Loquendo. Loquendo came highly recommended from our European customers, and after having tested it in our labs, I would agree wholeheartedly. Loquendo’s voices are expressive, clear, natural and fluent; and would be a great complement to the current set we have. Captivate 5 will offer 3 new voices from Loquendo:
Stefan (German), Juliette (French), and Simon (British English). You can check them out today on the Loquendo website.


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    • I have tried to get some information regarding the purchasing voices from Loquendo. No response from them at all. Were you successful in getting any information from Loquendo or Adobe? I like their American English voices better.

  1. German and French are the two most popular localized Captivate versions. Hence the decision to include it. We also believe British English could be used by the audience in UK, APAC and US. Both our partner offer Spanish, and we will consider this for the future versions.Regards,Shameer

    • Is there a schedule or timeframe for adding the Spanish language voices to Captivate 5? Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and would be significant to your product. I would like to know if there is a suggested workaround.
      Thank you,

  2. Captivate 5 also adds the ability to use any installed voice on the course author’s system. So if you want to use custom voices, that are already installed on your machine, Cp5 will detect them and offer them as options in the TTS voice generation options.

  3. Personally I think these new voices are much more natural than the Neospeech voices so that is great news.I checked out Loquendos webpage and see that they have Danish and Swedish voices as well. These are the ones that I am really interested in. I can’t see any information about the possibility to purchase individual voices from Loquendo – do you guys know if that is possible?/Michael

  4. We are creating e-learning tools for the NHS in the UK. The American voices in Captivate aren’t suitable so I’d like to use this option.I have Captivate 4 – do I need to upgrade to 5 first?How easy is it from that point on?Also (re: Michael June 9), contacted Loquendo and asked for prices but they did not supply, just sent contract for trial version.

  5. You need to upgrade to Cp5 to use the British English voice that is packaged with it. The functionality is similar to Cp4. You add the text that needs to be converted to voice over narration, as slide notes for the respective slides, click a button to convert the same to audio narration using the voice of your choice.

  6. Can you please advise how we go about purchasing additional voices from Loquendo for use in Captivate?They don’t seem to have prices for this listed on their website and have failed to get back to me despite having used their ‘contact us’ form on 3 occasions over the past month.I have also called Adobe directly to see if anyone can shed some light on this but nobody I speak to seems to know anything about it . . .Thanks

  7. Hi Matthew,Just to confirm, you are planning to use the additional Loquendo voices with Cp5… right? I have fwd’d this to Loquendo, and will post an update when I receive a response.-Shameer

  8. May i know how much is needed to upgrade from CP4 to CP5? Without CP5, can we purchase voice only as plug-in package? How many voices (languages) will be in the package?

  9. Hi Rachel,It costs $299 to upgrade to Cp5 in the US. There is no option to purchase just the voices.Cp5 will have 5 voices. 2 American English, 1 British English, 1 German, 1 French.Regards,Shameer

  10. Hi,Free 30 day trials (including the entire set of voices) will be available for download from our website, in the next few days.Regards,Shameer

  11. The upgrade price will be $299 and full price $799. There will be volume discounts available. I’ll ask one of our reps to get in touch with you to provide the discount structure.Thanks,Shameer

  12. Have just installed Cpativate 5 trial and have only one voice for TTS. I need to use the British voice can this be installed in the trial?ThanksTony

  13. Have now got Simon voice working. Is it possible to tune intonation, timimg etc as described for Captivate 4 and also on Loquendo website?ThanksTony

  14. Hi, I also need to know whether you can purchase additional voices from Loquendo, for direct use within Captivate 5. Also, can you use the Windows 7 Narrator voices? Thanks.

  15. I have finally received a response from Loquendo re additional voices for use in Captivate – I have to say I am disappointed about this:”…….. any additional voices added outside Adobe Captivate package is not integrated in Captivate. You can purchase the audio files generator license from Loquendo that should be installed in a separate computer and you can use audio files generated in Captivate by loading them as an external file.Let me inform you that Loquendo can only sell to companies, we don’t have a setup to cater individuals.”From this response it sounds as though the only way to use additional Loquendo voices is to purchase a standalone generator from Loquendo and import the audio files into Captivate.

  16. I just confirmed this with Neospeech as well. Any additional voices, i.e. Julie & Bridget, (outsided of the Goodies Captivate install), would need to be generated from the Neospeech standalone app, then imported into Captivate. The reason Neospeech gave is that they are two separate API’s, and they didn’t know how Kate and Paul worked with Captivate.

  17. The Spanish voice would be so very useful! Is there any update as to when it may be included? Captivate 5.5 includes just the 5 you mention above. We do business in Spain and Latin America. Both types of Spanish would be extremely useful! I’m sure other international companies using captivate agree.

    Are there any plans to offer text translation from English into other languages? Currently, I must first translate the text into Spanish (or whatever language) in order to use the text to speech functions.

  18. Loquedo seems to have quite a few TTS languages available. Does anyone know if there are more than 4 languages that Captivate 5.0 (5.5) can utilize?

      • Why can’t we use other Loquendo voices with Captivate? One of the advertised strengths of Captivate 5 was that you could use any third-party TTS voice that you purchased (in addition to the ones that come with Captivate). Is there something about Loquendo and how it works in Captivate that prevents you from purchasing and using additional Loquendo voices in Captivate?

  19. My company bought licenses for Captivate 5 and I downloaded it in May. Trouble is I only got one TTS voice (Microsoft Anna) and no VT file, so vtml doesn’t work, and I can’t use a man’s voice. Any ideas?

  20. Is there any news or are there any updates regarding the addtion of other voices, especially the Loquendo voices, for use in Captivate 5 or higher? I have attempted to contact Loquendo but since they were purchased by Nuance all contact has been completely ignored, emails were not returned and telephone messages were not responded to. I did finally call London and spoke to their staff but they’ve stated that since the aquisition by Nuance they have no information to share.

    I work for an international company and need to create Captivate projects using various voices and languages and prefer the sound of the Loquendo voices (though thier customer service is totally lacking). Adobe needs to find a way to incorporate additional voices into the Notes window so they show in the timeline.

    Please advise.


  21. If you use captivate 5 to make audio files using the Neo Speech plug-in, will those audio files require a distribution license from Neo -Speech if I intend on using the files on a customer’s LMS?

  22. When we use VTML tags, the audio reads with modulation in speed, pitch, etc. But Simon’s voice reads out each character in the vmtl tag! Please help!

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