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Now videos can be part of all elearning content!

One of my favorite features this time is the new Video import and synch capability in Captivate. This adds a new paradigm in content authoring. Now you can add video content to your elearning just as easily as you were adding audio previously.

This would be especially useful for talking head videos, that are describing or anchoring the content on the slide. Previously you would have needed a professional video editing tool to synch the Captivate movie and the talking head video.

In a workflow that mimics the ‘audio editing with slide preview’ workflow, now in Captivate 5 you can import any video, and synch the Captivate slides or objects on a slide to be in step with the video. Captivate also bundles the Adobe Media Encoder, allowing you to import video in any popular format, and the same is converted into FLV and placed on your slides.

Worried about published file size? Captivate 5 gives you the option to either embed the video in the project, or to stream it from an external Flash streaming server of your choice. While rendering over low bandwidth connections, Cp has the smarts to ensure that the Cp project and the FLV stay in synch.

A good example of content that leverages the video synch feature can be seen on the Captivate home page. Scroll down to the ‘what you can do’ section and click on ‘Compliance Training’.


7 Responses

  1. By streaming, will the same problems on Captivate 4 still persist, as in the external video file will not be properly played if it is not fully loaded? I know that is expected, but the bigger problem is that the slide will continue to play its animations without “buffering” or “loading” warnings to the user. The user will skip pass the video intended to play, and as a result the audio that is meant to go along with the video will not be properly synched with the video.

  2. The ‘Multi-Slide Video synch’ feature offers users the choice of hosting the FLV/F4V video on a Flash Media Server. When a learner is going thru the Cp course, the Cp course has the smarts built in to ensure that it stays in synch with the streaming video (pausing when necessary etc.)Regards,Shameer

  3. Hi I trialing the software Captivate 6.
    I wanted to created Audio Video Presentation (simular to the ones above), where the content is running and there are two lines of Audio (Background sound + Narration). From what I can tell, when I import a audio file, it replaces the single line of Audio (My narration).

    Can I have multiple line of Audio ?
    Ie Sound and Narration ?

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