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Record simulations from Flash CS5

Record Application with Adobe Captivate‘ is a new feature in Flash CS5, which provides the functionality of capturing the screen with the capabilities of Adobe Captivate and getting all the content in Flash CS5, without leaving Flash CS5 at all. To capture from Flash, go to Commands Menu and choose ‘Record Application’. If Adobe Captivate is already running, it will immediately show the recording dialog. If Adobe Captivate is not running, then it will be launched in head-less mode (This is a light weight mode, to make the application launch quicker). Once Adobe Captivate recording dialog is shown, you can choose all the recording options you want and start recording. For each recording mode namely Demo, Assessment, Simulation and Training, a FLA file is generated. You can opt to choose only the required recording modes. Once the recording is completed, a dialog will pop up asking the location to save the FLA files. Once you are through with this step, the project will be exported to Flash and the FLA files will be opened in Flash. All the objects generated during the Capture including narration audio, Auto FMRs will be exported. So, simply saying, you can capture, edit and publish your content without even leaving Flash.

For this feature to work, you need to have ELS 2.0 with Adobe Captivate installed.

Demo for ‘Record simulations from Flash CS5

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  1. Nice feature, but why all the special sauce only for ELS users? I purchased CS5 Master Collection and Cp5 so that I could have Premiere handy. Why penalize me for purchasing more software?

  2. I guess I lack some Flash knowledge. I had hoped that I would be able to edit the FLA file formed by recording my Captivate application in Flash. When I try editing the FLA file, I see all my regular slides, but not those I recorded using FMR (which I implemented by pressing F9 during recording). When I test the movie, the whole thing shows up, including the FMR portion. Can anyone give me a step-by-step procedure for getting to the FMR portion of the FLA file and editing it in Flash? I know that within Captivate I can do it using the edit FMR feature, but I had hoped it would be easier to do in Flash. Thanks.

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