Unable to open EXE files published from Adobe Captivate 5


EXE files published from Adobe Captivate 5 do not open on machines that do not have Adobe Captivate 5 installed on them. The following error message is displayed:
“This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”


Download and install the latest patch for this issue, publish the project as an EXE file again, and then try opening it. If you are Publishing to Windows EXE from Mac version of Adobe Captivate, install this patch in Mac as well.

To download and install the patch for this issue:
1.    Close Adobe Captivate.
2.    Go to the following folder and take a backup of the FakeFlash.exe file:
<Adobe Captivate 5 Installation Folder>/ExecutablePublish
3.    Download the file FakeFlash.zip from here
4.    Unzip the contents of this zip file. Locate the FakeFlash.exe file in the unzipped folder.
5.    Copy this FakeFlash.exe file into the folder <Adobe Captivate 5 Installation Folder>/ExecutablePublish

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  1. I’m getting an error message when I try to extract this zip. The error is saying that the file is not a valid zip archive or is meant to be part of a multi zip package.

    Can you please republish this zip again?


    Rod Ward

    • Hello Ian Raven,

      The same FakeFlash.exe available in FakeFlash.zip works for Mac too. You need to replace that FakeFlash.exe in applicationsAdobe Captivate 5ExecutablePublish . Post that, publish any content to EXE and check it on windows machines and it should work. Please let me know if it doesn’t,


      • Hi,

        I replaced the FakeFlash on my MAC, republished to create a Windows exe file and sent it to 2 different PC running XP.

        It worked on 1 PC, but not on the other. The PC that it did not run on came-up with a flashing Adobe Captivate 5 icon, but nothing else.

        What do the PCs need to have installed, since it worked on one and not the other?



  2. This fix is NOT working right now, at least I followed the exact steps noted and it doesn’t work. This is a bit troubling as this is a major error and I have a client waiting for a revised copy and I look like a fool having never heard of this error before.

  3. I am trying to follow this solution, but can not even find a folder called – /ExecutablePublish. Done a complete search and this folder has not been located??
    How do I get this working? Or where should I save this FakeFlash.exe file when I don’t have the folders as suggested??

    Any help would be appreciated ASAP

  4. The fakeflash.exe seems to be located in two different places, in the “ExecutablePublish” folder and in the root of the “Adobe Captivate 5” folder. Should I be replacing both?

  5. @Kate – You should be able to find the folder in your Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Captivate 5 folder. If you’re on 64bit it will be Program Files(x86).

    @Leslie – The FakeFlash.exe at the root level is only 15kb on my installation, whereas the patched one in the ExecutablePublish folder is over 6 meg (the previous version that didn’t work properly was just under 4 meg). Mine worked fine by just replacing the one in ExecutablePublish. If yours works as well, I’d leave the one at the root level alone.

  6. This fix is NOT working right now, at least I followed the exact steps noted and it doesn’t work. I still get a black screen when I open the file and no presentation.

  7. When I try to replace the original FakeFlash.exe file, I get a message telling me that I am replacing the file with an older version. I just downloaded Captivate yesterday. Is that why I’m getting this message? Should I continue? Thanks for your help.


  8. Hi,
    I think I have the same problem, when I publish in .EXE it starts for 1sec and the black blank screen comes. I replaced FakeFlash as well but did not work.
    please help me, I am realy neww in captivate and my boos waiting for the result

  9. I downloaded and copies the FakeFlash.exe file but when I went in and published my project it still starts and quickly goes to a black screen which freezes my computer. I did about 25 .exe files in Jan and Feb with no problem whatsoever.

  10. Works well although don’t see why this should have been an issue in the first place. Dear Adobe, please can you make sure that when you release a software product, make sure that one of its primary output options – and key to the success of our eLearning program that we’ve all worked hard towards – actually works!

  11. I’m also having a problem publishing an .exe file. I checked my Captivate 5 file and I already had the FakeFlash.exe file, but I still get the Published Failed message. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  12. When I download the FakeFlash.zip file from the link above, I only get the FakeFlash-1.exe file. I move it to the ExecutablePublish file. Should I remove the original FakeFlash file that is in Captivate? I tried publishing to .exe with both files in Captivate and I still got the Publish Failed message. Any suggestion?

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