New utility for deleting Adobe Captivate project cache folders

Project cache in Adobe Captivate 5 helps you save and open projects faster. When you create a project in Adobe Captivate 5, a corresponding project cache folder is automatically created. This folder is saved in the project cache root folder specified in the project Preferences.

For more information on project cache in Adobe Captivate 5, see

Over time, these cache folders may use up your system resources and you may want to delete the folders to optimize the resources. You can delete the folders using the ‘Clear Cache’ option in the project Preferences. However, this method can be time consuming if you want to delete multiple project cache folders simultaneously.

The new utility from Adobe, Clear Cache Application, lists all the Adobe Captivate 5 project cache folders on the system along with the corresponding project name, size, status of the project (opened or closed), date modified, and cache size. Using this information, you can decide which cache folders you want to delete and quickly delete multiple cache folders with a single click.

To install and use this utility, perform the following steps:

  1. Download and unzip the contents
  2. Double-click the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the utility.
  3. After the installation, the Clear Cache Application opens and lists all the project cache folders in the default cache location.
    – To view the cache folders in a different location on your system, click Browse, and navigate to the location of the folder.
    – To delete a cache folder, select the check box that corresponds to the folder and click Clear. To delete all the folders, click Select All, and then click Clear. Please note that currently opened projects cannot be selected for deletion.

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  1. Hi Vish, this is an excellent AIR app, I just shared it with my Twitter followers. Btw, there’s a small typo in step 2. Instead of saying, it should read dcache.air. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. The caching introduced in Captivate 5 provides no perceptible value to the end user. I find that opening Cap 5 projects if much slower than Cap 4. As soon as we installed Cap 5, the disk space on my C: drive evaporated. Now we have to go through these extra steps to clear out the cache which has no value to begin with.

    • We have had an even worse experience with Captivate 6. We opened an existing project (it took nearly a half an hour), it filled my folder on a network drive with so much stuff that I got locked out of the server. When I tried to change the file path to the cache to my local machine, the program crashed and no amount of installing/reinstalling will fix it.

  3. doesn’t help me because it requires installation. I work in an IT-controlled environment that doesn’t allow installation of ANYTHING not vetted by IT.

  4. This did work thanks. Even though I am not the administrator on my computer I was able to complete (I already had regular free version of adobe installed with automatic updates). The steps I took were:
    -Right click on the word from step one above and save it on the desktop.
    -Right click on the icon on the desk top and select open with —-compressed zip folders
    -Then double click on the dcache.air brown folder to start the install.
    -Then follow step three from above.

  5. Every attempt I have made to download and unzip this file fails. It is called dcache.air when saved to my computer. When I open it, I am told it is empty. I would appreciate it if this zip could be checked. I have tried downloading from this location and from the other one on adobe that has information regarding this cache utility. I am stumped and frustrated. Nice idea, but atm does not seem like I can get it or use it.

  6. i have a project that is over 280mb and cannot reopen it in Captivate. I have located it in the cache using this program. How can I restore my project using this?

  7. I have downlaoded the and when I double-click it shows dcache air but when I click on it it doesnt load… just opens some folders that don’t work?????

  8. I can’t install the file. It says cannot install: installing and uninstalling this application is not allowed by your administrator.
    I have administrative rights to the computer. Does anyone know how I can install this?

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