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Solution For Captivate 5 content (containing text animations) not working with the latest Flash player version

Ok some good news!!! the hot fix is ready. Here are the steps for using the hot fix:

On Windows:

1.       Close Adobe Captivate 5.0 if already running.

2.       Go to the captivate installation folder.

3.       Find the file CPAnimationUtils.dll and rename it to CPAnimationUtils_old.dll.

4.       Download the from here and extract the CPAnimationUtils.dll.

5.       Place the extracted CPAnimationUtils.dll in the captivate installation folder.

6.       Launch Adobe Captivate 5.0 now.

7.       Open the projects which have text animations in them.

8.       Just republish them and run the SWF in the latest flash player.

On Mac:

1.       Close Adobe Captivate 5.0 if already running

  1. Go to  Finder -> Applications->Adobe Captivate 5
  2. Right Click on “Adobe” ( the main executable)
  3. Click on “Show Package Contents” , this will open up another finder window
  4. In the new Finder window go to Contents -> Frameworks

6.       Find the file CPAnimationUtils.framework and rename it to CPAnimationUtils_old. framework.

7.       Download the from here and extract the CPAnimationUtils.framework.

8.       Place the extracted CPAnimationUtils.framework in the Frameworks folder.

9.       Launch Adobe Captivate 5.0 now.

10.   Open the projects which have text animations in them.

11.   Just republish them and run the SWF in the latest flash player.

So what will work?

–          All cptx files, containing text animations, when republished with the hot fix will start working.

What will not work?

–          Already published SWFs containing text animation will not work.

A demo showing how to apply the fix on MAC .

45 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, “just republish” can be very time-consuming advice when you already have 15+ tutorials out in circulation using Captivate 5.

    I am also not able to get the re-install of the older version of Flash to stick on our enterprise machines – they insist on installing the newest version when we access the tutorials.

    Do you have any feel for when the Flash team will work with your team to insure that tutorials with Text Animations work?



    • Marcus, we generally build up any number of smaller fixes to consolidate in such update passes. This helps avoid sending people loads of tiny updates they don’t want or need. Captivate team has chosen to provide a number of hotfixes in order to try to meet customer needs as rapidly as possible. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be an auto-update at some point in the future. It only means that the team wants to provide a solution immediately for those issues which are most pressing.

  2. Wow it worked, but today was a day of hair pulling, until I found this. I imported/exported 16 CP4 files before I figured something wasn’t working. I too think this is an update to push out as checking for upates whenever i have problems

  3. Are we waiting for an Adobe Flash fix? As this hot fix to Captivate is not the ideal solution for many of us who already have hundreds of courses published. Republishing means another review of all the courses to ensure consistency which can potentially take weeks.

  4. I thought you might like to know that I have a module which experienced this issue, but I did not use any text animations in the module. I did use regular animations in it, so perhaps all animations encountered the issue? I followed these instructions to repair the module and it did work.

  5. When can we expect a fix on the Flash side. To emphasize what Wendy and MM have stated, this would take a great deal of time, not only to republish from Captivate, but also to re-upload the published files to our learning management system. So a fix from the Flash team pushed out in the next update would be favorable to republishing and uploading hundreds of Captivate projects.

  6. Has anyone experienced backwards compatibility issues after applying this patch? I went through the pain of republshing a number of modules after applying the patch above and they work fine in FP 10.1. However, now we are seeing that older version of the Flash player are not compatible with the new files. In our environment we can’t garuntee everyone will have the most recent plug-in.

  7. Okay, I’ve made the fix and re-published and posted the few lessons I’ve created since upgrading to Captivate 5. Those files now play okay with the newer Flash player – life is good. The problem was affecting all lessons that had animations, not just text animations. The good news is that older lessons built in Captivate 4 all seem to play well with the new Flash player so there’s apparently no need to re-publish them.

    Besides feeling pain for folks who have many more lessons to re-publish, it’s worth mention that Adobe could have done a better job publicizing the need for the fix. I became aware of it only because a student couldn’t play a file. Then I spent part of a weekend trouble shooting it until stumbling across this link.

    The Windows item # 2 instructions above should probably send the user to the Program Files > Adobe > Captivate 5 folder to look for the CPAnimationUtils.dll file, instead of to the Captivate installation folder.

    • LOL imagine when this broke on the CEOs desktop first thing in that morning when he was ready to fit a review of a company wide Captivate presentation into his crammy schedule.

  8. I had this issue with a movie I published in Captivate 5 and utilized text animations. The movie would just show a black screen. Anyway, just wanted to report that I implemented this solution and it worked! My movies are back up and running again.

  9. Does this work in CP4? I’ve got some modules with text animation and caption box timings. On most of our employees’ computers, the animations and timings work fine; on some, they come in wayyyy too slow. I tried to locate the file in my CP4 installation folder, but it’s not there. Any other ideas? Thanks!

  10. I have just saved the new .dll file and it has re-published fine. Does anyone know if users that dont have captivate installed but want to view the published modules (either PDF or htm files) will have any problems in viewing these modules?

  11. Will the Flash player’s next version correct this? “Just” republish will take days for all my content to be published, coverted for my LMS then pushed up.

  12. My understanding is that once a Cap movie is republished with the modified DLL installed, anyone can view it in any version Flash Player.
    What I’d like to know is, is Adobe coming out with a fix to the Flash Player itself, version 10 build, that was the original problem?

  13. Although this fix appears to work. it also applies to a similar problem we’ve encountered with Captivate 5 published Acrobat (.pdf) files,
    This is a work-around, not a good solution. Is Adobe working on a solution that won’t cause lost productivity and frustration to it’s end-users?

    Our university system has lots of published (captivate) pdf’s on all of our campus locations. Too many to rebuild proactively, presuming we had the resources to do that.

    Does Adobe test compatibility of their own products before releasing upgrades?

    I know this may come off as harsh, but the impact may be more substantial than you (Adobe) may realize.

  14. […] Adobe has released an update to their flash player, and this is usually a cause for cheer. However, if you work with Captivate 5, it may give you a bit of a headache. With the new flash player update, if you have any Captivate 5 projects with text animations in them, the projects will stop playing. This is unfortunate, since not only does your projects look prettier with text animations, but they are very helpful when replacing captured text during Demonstration recordings. Luckily, Adobe has released a hot fix which can be found at… […]

      • thank you for our response……Yes, the animation text. i did do the fix for mac (watched the video….at fiirst, i did look at the pc then realized DUH…..

        hate to sound stupid buuuuut….”delete your prefs”?…which ones and how?

        thanks again!

  15. thank you for our response……Yes, the animation text. i did do the fix for mac (watched the video….at firts, i did look at the pc then realized DUH…..

    hate to sound stupid buuuuut….”delete your prefs”?…which ones and how?

    thanks again!

  16. I am seriously concerned by this “solution” which definitely feels like a workaround.

    Here’s my problem: I can load the fix and re-publish locally – but to re-publish in the production environment will take weeks, because our CBTs are on a military server. Meanwhile, the users can’t access their courses, and their machines can’t just be rolled back to the previous version of Flash.

    Is there a fix for Flash that will be addressing this, and when will it be?

    • Barb, we understand and agree. We’ve been coordinating with Flash team to get a fix for Flash and are pleased to report that it will come early in the new year. The fix will address this problem and if you are able to wait for the fix, it will correct the problem in Flash. Both content created prior to (without the authoring fix) and after (with the authoring fix) will work in the forthcoming version of Flash. See my post here for complete details.

  17. I used the hotfix and it worked with two of the videos I needed to fix, but not the other two. Is there something else that could be going on? The issue that remains is whenever the video reaches a point where the viewer types on the keyboard to progress to the next step. The video will not allow typing and will not progress unless you pause and restart the video.

  18. I followed the steps, republished my files (to swf) and ran them through aggregator. When I had my coworker test the files (I sent them to her), she could not read them. The error message said that the system wasn’t configured to read the files. She is on IE7, Vista, and downloaded Flash 10. I had saved the files to version 9 flash, so it should play all version 9 and higher.

    Please advise. I tried the other “fix” too (the setup.exe) and that didn’t work either.


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