New set of Captivate 5 tutorials from Adobe

One more announcement carrying on with our focus on training resources for Captivate:  The Adobe documentation team (Smitha) has created a well-structured set of tutorials on Captivate 5. The tutorials are a healthy mix of step-by-step instructions that can serve as a job aid; and videos to provide more depth to the explanation.Irrespective of whether you are looking to understand the basics of Captivate, or if you are looking to spend some serious time exploring the advanced features that help you push the boundaries with Captivate- these tutorials will suit you. The series of tutorials is workflow-based — the users are guided step-by-step to create and publish their projects using Cp. The workflows are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, keeping in mind the different skill levels of users. For example, a Basic user is presented with a simple workflow with four quick steps to create a sample demonstration in Captivate. An Advanced user is guided from the designing and setting-up-a-process level to the final refined output of the Captivate project.

Update: (forgot the URL) You can access the tutorials here.

The team is looking for feedback to further enhance the tutorials. Do write in with your thoughts.

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    • @Alice: I’ve blogged about the tutorials for Captivate 5 previously. I love it, and it is great value for money. But I believe this one offers a unique value in being structured to suit various levels of expertise among Cp users. This one is also different in that, it can be used as a step by step guide for a certain task. (I agree the voices in the videos can be a turn off for some…)

  1. I would love to try them out. I work for a pretty large company. We’re looking at upgrading to Captivate 5 and checking out the tutorials. Will the actual links to Basic, Beyond Basics and Advanced be available soon? Did I overlook them?

  2. I agree with the response that the computerized voices are annoying and distracting. does produce excellent modules and uses a real human to do the speaking.

  3. Honestly, these “tutorials” are not what I would have expected from Adobe and the vast number of tools at your disposal to create rich and engauging content. I learned more from Adobe TV.

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