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An Adobe Captivate Advanced Actions Interaction Example

One of the cool things about Adobe Captivate is that you can actually develop more complex interactions using the Advanced Actions feature. This post is for users with a fair amount of experience in Captivate and it presumes you have some experience using most of Captivate’s features.

I got a call the other day from a Captivate user who wanted to create an interaction which would allow learners to enter numbers into a text entry box and then perform some basic math operations on those user entered numbers. The project I use in this post is available for download here as a cptx file.CAPTIVATE 5.5 DEMO FILE: AA_moneySplits

To begin, have a look at the sample project below.

The video is about 20 minutes and covers all of the elements of the project. It’s a general overview of Advanced Actions and Variables as well, so if you have not yet checked out this cool functionality, this might be an easy way to introduce yourself to the material.

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  1. Hey Joe, thanks for posting. it’s downloading a 277k Cptx file called AA_moneySplits.cptx for me – can you perhaps try again to check if it might have been a bad download? The zip method used was just a standard windows compression.

  2. i tried something like this but with adding numbers up. clients wants a check journal on a single page where end user totals up multiple checks. Captivate randomly rounds to the 10th, or adds several 0s behind the decimal. I don’t get it. Need help. Where can i find an example like the one above but with addition. I tried using the example above and altering it but like i said Captivate is doing random things with the total.

  3. This example was immeasurably helpful to me. I was completely lost in Captivate (Mac v.6) and wasn’t even sure what it did. It is basically PowerPoint/Keynote on steroids. Reminiscent of HyperCard (for those of you who know what that was!). Now I can get to work.

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