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Announcing winners of the Scenario Training contest!

We’re happy to announce the winners of our Scenario Training contest! We had some great entries and also significant interest from the community. The entries received close to 10,000 Facebook ‘Likes’. The people’s choice award goes to Steve Shatkin, for his entry ‘Some tips to make you a better poker player’.

Steve has definitely inspired me to try and create another scenario training on Poker tips, possibly playing out each scenario even when a user makes a wrong choice- thus allowing him or her to learn from the mistakes.

That brings us to the judges award. This is possibly something to brag about or put on your resume. We had an elite panel of judges that included our community experts and experts in interactive learning design and training – they were Lieve Weymeis, Christy Tucker, Allen Partridge, and Joe Ganci. The judges have chosen the Italian entry ‘Acclimatamento’ submitted by Andrea Visentin! This was a course on ‘how to accommodate a person in a store’.

The reasoning for this selection and the feedback the judges had on this entry included:

  • Displays a significant understanding of eLearning methods for scenario based training.
  • Is visually professional and polished.
  • Interactions are relevant and engaging.
  • Makes good use of Captivate’s features.
  • Lot of interactivity of all kinds, refreshing.
  • Quiz is customized, nice graphics.
  • Audio is well controlled; so are rollovers, effects.

Congratulations to both the winners! You will soon receive the brand new iPad. We will reach out to you via your facebook handles to get the shipping details.

Others don’t despair- we will have a new contest soon- with even bigger, more attractive prizes (possible trip to Vegas anyone?). Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for allowing me to judge the entry. I thought Acclimatamento was the best by far though some of the others had merit too. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t win just because it was in Italian and I think I’m the only judge who speaks Italian but I’m happy to say that my fellow judges agreed with me. Thanks!

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