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Adobe Captivate 6 Sneak Peek: Themes

I’m so excited about the upcoming release of Adobe Captivate 6. I’m going to burst if I don’t share something, so here it is. From deep inside the labs I’ve sorted out the details of one of the incredible new features coming in Adobe Captivate 6, and it’s absolutely wonderful. You’re going to love using the new Themes. Check out the video to learn more. Enjoy! 🙂

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36 Responses

    • Yes Paul, you can create your own easily right inside Captivate. I expect most people will do so in order to add branding, and to get the layouts etc. that are best for their use case. Awesome part is that there are so many cool ones in the box you can also modify and enhance to get a head start on that process too. Once created you can share the ones you make with your team too.

  1. Will it be possible to create tables conveniently. In the demo, there seems to be some icons on the right which suggest that. Would it be possible to create more effects with buttons etc. Also will there be drag & drop questions.

  2. Hi Allen. What’s the estimated release date for Captivate 6? My company is on the verge of purchasing 5.5, but if 6 will be released soon, we would rather wait and take advantage of the new features.


  3. This is great for a new or casual user, but not that helpful for organizations that have their own branding and style guides. In that case, a team is typically working with existing custom templates. What about some “under the hood” basic time savers like being able to group objects, assign actions to a group, import/ export advanced actions?

  4. […] Sneak Peek 02: ThemesAdobe onderkent nu dat veel ontwikkelaars niet al te veel tijd/energie kunnen/willen stoppen in het ontwerpen van een aantrekkelijke userinterface. Net als in bijvoorbeeld  Articulate Studio komen er verschillende themes. Het mooie is dat de themes ook de vormgeving van vraagslides beïnvloeden. Ik ben benieuwd of de thems makkelijk aanpasbaar zijn en of er ook themes komen met een ’Europese’. […]

  5. I need to translate some of my presentations into French, and the user want to have two alternating voices. It is quite an investment to buy an SDK and another voice from vendor, so I’d rather buy another copy of the next versi0n of Captivate, if it had a male French voice. Any hints bout that, please?

  6. I’ve just downloaded v6 and am also very excited because after only 1 hour, my organization is convinced we will upgrade from 5.5 to this. In ONLY one hour, I have already supassed Articulate Storyline features (the in CP they all even work – unlike 80% of the Storyline features).

    My favs: 360 degree editing with PowerPoint (not obvious, but right click over a slide thumbnail and look at the menu bottom 🙂 YES YES YES!!!
    Update the PPTX and it will update the CP6 Project YES YES YES!!!
    Page Template are really well done.
    Another thing… CP5 and 5.5 Widgets stil work YES YES YES!!!

    I’m getting this upgrade Monday !!!

    • Glad you liked #AdobeCaptivate 6 and are getting the upgrade! Yes, the fidelity of PowerPoint to SWF conversions was one of the biggest features we delivered -though it goes unnoticed- which probably is a good thing 🙂

  7. Two questions:
    – I’ve downloaded the trial version, but I don’t have any themes. Is there a place where I can download them?
    – As every major program of the eLearning suite has been updated, when will eLearningSuite 3 be released? (as soon as this is the case I will order this suite)

    • Glad you are trying out #AdobeCaptivate 6! On launch, go to ‘create new’> ‘blank project’ and you should see the themes panel appear above the stage. You could also show/hide the themes panel using the ‘Themes’ button on the main menu.
      The next version of eLearning Suite will be out soon. Please email me and I can provide more details: shameer at adobe dot com

      • The problem was that the themes are installed in the ‘my documents folder’. At my work, the my documents folder is on the server, and limited to 100mb. So I didn’t have enough space for the themes. I installed a test version on my personal computer too, and there I could find the themes.

      • Hi Shameer,

        I have the same problem with themes like Francis. After installing there are only 4 themes under E:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy Adobe Captivate ProjectsLayouts6_0de_DE
        I have no idea where to find the other themes.

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