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Mind-blowing Sneak Peek: Adobe eLearning Suite 6: Adobe Presenter Video Creator

It’s super cool to share, so I thought I’d share another … SNEAK! Adobe eLearning Suite 6 contains a hot new Adobe Presenter 8, and one of the coolest things in Presenter 8, is Adobe Presenter Video Creator. This is an incredible, visionary tool that enables anyone to quickly create professional quality, personalized presentation videos from the comfort of their desk. I’ve already had dozens of people writing to ask me how on earth are you guys creating all these amazing videos. Well… you asked for it, you got it. Take a peek at the jawdropping ease of Adobe Presenter Video Creator. From pan and zoom to branding videos and lower thirds, it’s all just a click away. Check out the video to learn more. Enjoy! 🙂

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34 Responses

    • Damien, as I understand it, PowerPoint for Mac has no plugin architecture – therefore there can’t be any plugins. It’s of course possible that this may change in time, but at this point Presenter (which is of course a PowerPoint plugin ribbon) is PC only. I’d love it if the architecture came along to enable something like this.

      • Hi Allen. Thanks for your reply.

        I understand that Presenter is a PowerPoint plug in. Actually ,I’ve been using is in my windows pc days ( i event taught a Presenter class). What I don’t understant is why the feature showcased in the video need to be plugged-in to Power Point. Can’t it be yet another standalone app used to capture on-screen action and blend it with a video stream comming from a webcam?

        Thnanks for your answer and have a tood WE

    • Gilbert, we haven’t said yet how this tool will be offered, other than that it’s part of Adobe Presenter 8, which traditionally has been available either as a stand alone, or as part of the Adobe eLearning Suite. We haven’t announced subscription options for Presenter or Adobe eLearning Suite 6 yet.

  1. It is really mind-blowing with its newly integrated functions! Great video with clear instrucitons. The user-friendly interface is amazing and easy customization is a ‘bonus plus’. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’m really excited by the video!! The title of the product interests me….whether Adobe Presenter Video Creator is a separate app or part of Presenter 8…or if this is a replacement to Presenter, losing it’s focus on being integrated with PowerPoint? I’m hoping a separate app?

    I recently wrote an article suggesting Adobe needed a very easy to use screen capture tool, which I called Adobe Captivate Elements (you can read about it here and in essence what you’ve shown is exactly the sort of thing that was needed, so I’m over the moon. It really has a nice and easy to use interface.

    Having been giving the opportunity to beta test previous versions of Presenter (but not this version sadly) I’m also really pleased to see lower thirds added….something I know I had requested as a feature over the past few years.

    Great stuff !!

  3. This is an awsome product..

    Did I make a mistake? I purchased Captivate 6 the day it was released. I would really prefer the Elearning Suite 6. Can credit be given for the CP6???

    Dave K

  4. This is going to rock. I can’t wait to start using it. I’m already an eLearning Suite subscriber and I presume I can get this via an upgrade? I have also tried out the Captivate 6 on a trial basis – awesome work folks. I’m excited to see it all in action on the new Adobe Connect setup as well. Cheers!

  5. Allan, How soon do you think the eLearning Suite 6 will be announced/available? Am really looking forward to the presenter update, as well as the many changes in Captivate 6.

  6. received ELS6upgrade today presenter 8 won’t install on windows 7

    error log:———– Payload: {B00674D5-C129-11E1-B356-EF8CA3116C83} Adobe Presenter 8 ———–
    ERROR: DW030: Custom Action for payload {B00674D5-C129-11E1-B356-EF8CA3116C83} Adobe Presenter 8 returned error. Failing this payload.
    ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:
    ERROR: DW050: – Adobe Presenter Video Creator (64 Bit): Install failed
    ERROR: DW050: – Adobe Presenter 8_AdobePresenter8en_USLanguagePack: Install failed
    ERROR: DW050: – Adobe Presenter 8: Failed due to Language Pack installation failure

    • Hi Jacuna,
      To download more branding videos and other cool assets, click on the “More Themes” option which you get in the branding dropdown menu.
      Open your Video creator project, go to “Branding” panel > click on “Themes” dropdown and look for “More Themes”. An installer consisting of lots of assets will be downloaded. Install it by double clicking the “set-up.exe”.

      That’s it. You will now have cool new assets to work with..


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