ANNOUNCE: Captivate 7 Update for OS X Mavericks Expected Mid November

UPDATE: The update for Adobe Captivate 7 is now available.

As we shared in late October, Adobe Captivate 7 is not yet compatible with the OS X Mavericks update to the Mac operating system. We are actively testing an update for Captivate 7 that will fix compatibility issues with the new Mavericks Operating System. The update for Captivate 7 is expected to be available using the Adobe Update Manager during the third week of November.

If you have not updated to OS X (v. 10.9) for Mac and need to continue to use Captivate (any version) we recommend that you delay the update to the operating system during the next few weeks. If you have already updated to OS X (v. 10.9) and want to roll back to continue to use Captivate during the interim, here is a link to an Apple article on rolling back from Mavericks to an earlier version of the operating system.

We are also aware that many customers are using older versions of Adobe Captivate. Our engineering team is actively investigating a resolution for the compatibility issue with Captivate 6.1, and we expect to have an announcement about compatibility for Captivate 6.1 with OS X (v. 10.9) soon.

We recognize that this delay causes a significant inconvenience to many customers. We also understand that not every use case and situation is covered in this brief article. If you expect this change to impact you in other ways, please don’t hesitate to contact us at captivateHelp (at) adobe (dot) com.

We deeply appreciate the responsibility and opportunity to facilitate your development of educational and training materials and we are committed to deliver reliable and high quality authoring tools for both Windows and Macintosh. We understand that this delay may be frustrating and problematic for you, and we apologize for the delay in delivery of this update.

UPDATE: The update for Adobe Captivate 7 is now available.

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  1. Hmmmm….well that certainly stopped me in my tracks. Very grateful if you would do your best to get the update out soonest. Going back to Snow Leopard is an option but not an attractive one and I’m sure it would end in tears. I’ll sit on my hands and wait for you to work your magic. Richard

  2. As we are using Adobe Captivate 5.5 for Mac, we are hoping that you guys would look out this version to be compatible for OS X 10.9 version.

    Unless it’s possible to use our license key from 5.5 to 6.x or later, that would be great.

    We love captivate πŸ™‚

    • James,

      Thanks for your support. We share your love for Captivate. I don’t expect that 5.5 era software will get the update as it’s a few years old now. If you need / plan to update to Mavericks you might want to consider an upgrade. The new subscription options work well for many – and have the added benefit of keeping you automatically updated to the most recent version of the software.


      • 5.5 isn’t that old. It was bundled with the eLearning suite less than 2 years ago.
        Most disappointing, especially as this appears to be the only Adobe product not to work with Mavericks.

      • I agree with Roger, I was using 5.5 just fine until I upgraded to Mavericks and now I’m stopped cold. I only bought the software (at almost a thousand dollars) less then 2 years ago. This is extremely disappointing.

        I’ve been at a standstill on my work and now I’m finding out there is no hope but to upgrade at a significant monetary cost.

        I appreciate that you can only support software for so long, but at the same time, is it really fair to your users to “End of Life” software *after* the fact (ie. the unannounced non-compatibility with Mavericks)?

        I would hope that there will be some assistance in getting us upgraded in a fair way. Thanks in advance.

  3. First Abode said the 1st or 2nd week of November. Now it’s the 3rd week. I’m sorry but this is a bunch of bull. Do we get refunds for our subscriptions we can’t use during this time? I’ve missed several deadlines because of Abode’s piss poor communication and preparation!

      • Thanks Allen. I was able to get a PC running a demo version of Captivate 7. Some of that rage has subsided. Sorry for taking some of it out on you in the comments section. Not the best place.

  4. So by announcing the compatibility of version 6.1 does that mean there will be a fix then? That statement is a little too vague. I have a whole team who uses version 6 and we just purchased it a year ago. If we’re forced to upgrade then I’m sorry to say that we will pass and look into other software options like Articulate Storyline. I’m willing to shell out more money for new software than to wonder when’s the next time I will be forced to upgrade Captivate because adobe can’t keep up with new operating systems.

    • The only way to get back from Mavericks to Mountain Lion is to wipe the machine completely as part of Apple internet install. Cmd-r at boot up will take you through it. Then reinstall your applications and copy back data that you previously backed up. This works because Apple records keep track of the installed OS at the time of machine purchase and permits reinstall. It effectively puts the machine back in its day- one state when first purchased.

      • That doesn’t work. I talked to Apple and the only way to reinstall Mountain Lion is from an external boot up drive or a Time Machine Back Up. There are installs available for download from other sources online but they are only compatible with systems that were UPGRADED to Mountain Lion. You may also be able to create an external boot up drive from another Mac that has Mountain Lion. However, systems that came with Mountain Lion installed can only be restored by the system it was created with. Boot up drives created from other systems will not work. Apple claims that they cannot restore such computers to Mountain Lion even if you bring it to them for a clean install. This is incredibly disappointing. They have the OS I need, the one that came with my computer, but they can’t load it on my machine? WTH? It sounds so very Microsoft, so anti-Apple. Very disappointing!

      • I grabbed the two week trial version of parallels, had it working in less than 30 minutes then installed mountain lion into the virtual machine which took about an hour – very easy to do and use – hope this helps – stuffed if they delay the captivate update though as will need to stop work or buy parallels πŸ™‚

  5. Graduate student in the midst of a final project that requires Captivate and then this happeed. Not good. I don’t have the option to downgrade, so I’m hoping and praying and crossing fingers that you will get this fix out sooner than later. I’d be SO thankful. I’ve got a grad school grade riding on this (not to mention all the people using this for their jobs). Please hurry!

    • I am in the same boat! My project is due the second week in December so I am praying “mid-November” will be sooner than later. Either that or I’ll need to install Windows in Boot Camp and run Captivate that way…

  6. I am pleased to hear of your progress. I am also pleased to find this blog post is written in standard English, unlike the original announcement. Those unable to master the syntax of a modern language are usually also unable to write clean code using proper syntax. Let’s hope the professionalism continues, with an earlier than expected release of an effective patch.

  7. Its clear that Adobe could have done a better job of warning users that Captivate would have issues with Mavericks. The beta for mavericks was certainly out long enough that Adobe should have been aware of the issue, and taken bold steps to notify and otherwise communicate with the community. Even better, a fix could have been developed in that extended time period.

    But if some system-level changes were made with Mavericks, it may not be a trivial fix. It also might require active cooperation with Apple, and that’s always an unknown. I have no idea; I’m at the end-user side of this.

    Either way, I DO think that Adobe will have to eventually extend the fix to version 6 and probably will take quite a bit of heat if they don’t extend to 5.5, or offer attractive upgrade plans.

    It is fortunate for Adobe that StoryLine is NOT a Mac alternative, or they might use this to pull a ‘Premiere’ against Captivate, similar to what Adobe did with Premiere when Apple fumbled Final Cut Pro X roll-out.

  8. For those of us with Captivate 7 licenses that are forced to use a Windows trial version should be provided more than a 30day trial. We need a version that allows us to be working until they get the Mac “fix” working.

  9. It would be far more courteous and considerate if we could at least have some sort of commitment to a date.

    How can it be that other Adobe products were ready for Mavericks but not Captivate?

  10. I chatted with an Adobe support person to get a month’s subscription amount reimbursed and they actually refused to do it. I paid for something I did not get and they won’t provide reimbursement. We are talking about $21 and change. Amazing! It seems to me that Adobe should at least address subscription holders with some kind of a token gesture. The refund will never cover my lost opportunity. I really like Captivate. It is fabulous software. I really don’t know of anything else similar that works on a Mac.

  11. Any update? We bought Captivate 7 and new Macs (that came with Mavericks so downgrading isn’t an option) for a project due in December. We need to look into other software options now if you are behind schedule (tomorrow is the 15th). Communication would be appreciated.

    • Yes, please update. It’s “mid-November”…do you have a date set for the release of this update?!? Seriously difficult to keep waiting around to complete a project due the 1st week of December with no light at the end of the tunnel. PLEASE give us some good news!!?????

  12. It is the 3rd week of November. What is the status of this update? I just upgraded to Mavericks due to other issues and didn’t know of this until I did so. I am not willing to regress my operating system for this.

  13. Hello Captivate 7. Your posting says that the software will be available “Mid-November.” It is now November 16, which is “mid-November.” May we have an update status?

  14. Ok Adobe, We have been waiting very patiently. The mid of november is passed and gone. The list you could do is to keep all of us posted on how long more we will have to wait for the mavericks update! Thank you!

    Oh and by the way, not giving the $21 dollar discount to Leeander50, doesn’t seem such a good business decision either.

  15. Is there anyone from Adobe reading these posts? We need a date! There are project deadlines on the table – by now you guys at Adobe Captivate development should have a date.

  16. I turned off monthly subscription renewal — maybe if enough people do that, they’ll get the update done. The stuff I do is not very complicated — I can probably use another tool. Which is too bad, because I like Captivate — but come on, guys, get this done! If nothing else, the delay tells us that OS X users are not very important to them.

  17. Is there a target date of when Adobe Captivate will be updated to work with Maverick? As you know Captivate will not launch in Maverick and I cannot revert back to Mountain Lion. I had set aside time in November to produce much needed eLearning’s in the workplace -like others anxiously waiting.

  18. Hello everyone. I just was notified by my Adobe Update that there was an update to Captivate 7. I updated that app (along with AI), and verified that the program now works on Mavericks. Thanks, Adobe, you hit the “third week in November” estimate.

  19. Any word on a fix for Captivate 6.1? I can’t do any work on old tutorials that need updating, but my production of new tutorials has moved to Camtasia 2. Depending on how the transition to Camtasia goes, I might not be back, Adobe.

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