Update on Captivate HTML 5 content playback issue in Google Chrome Browser.

HTML 5 courses published from Adobe Captivate freezes  on the latest versions of Google Chrome Browser – 36.0.1985.125. We have investigated the issue and our findings are listed below . BTW ,we are still continuing to investigate if there any potential issue which is unknown at the moment  and will keep you folks posted.

So far, we have found the following issues:

  • Issue 1: HTML 5 content freezes on launch in Chrome 36 with a JavaScript error.

Reason: The support for deprecated methods ,noteOn and noteOff in the Web Audio API has been removed in the latest chrome update. These methods were deprecated in the standard a year ago but modern browsers still  support  these methods and the support was present in chrome till version 35. With Chrome 36, the support for these methods has been removed which results in content freeze and JavaScript errors:

  • Issue 2: Slide backgrounds with gradients may not appear correctly.

Reason: Captivate uses SVG support to draw slide backgrounds.The w3c draft for SVG: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/struct.html#SVGElementWidthAttribute states that if width and height of SVG element is unspecified, the value should be internally treated as 100%. So, the SVG should be drawn on the entire rectangle. Chrome version 36 requires  width and height to be explicitly specified due to this change, slide backgrounds may not appear correctly.

The good news is we have the fix for the above two issues and the steps to patch captivate are below

  1. Download this file https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/04868973-1b29-46f1-9047-2be1fb6ecb80    and unzip it. You’ll find an index.html file.
  2. Go to [INSTALLDIR]/HTML file location. For example:
    1. Windows: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 7HTML.
    2.  Mac: /Applications/Adobe Captivate 7/HTML.
  3. Replace the index.html present in the above location with the downloaded file.

Launch Captivate and from now on HTML 5 content will playback without any issues in Chrome 36. The fix is applicable to both version 7 and 8.

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    • This is something to do with chrome settings. Go to chrome://flags/. Search for “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode.” setting and enable it. Videos will play fine once you restart chrome after above steps.

      • thank you man now it works fine. But how to explain to all my customers this manipulation. It will be complicated. I hope adobe will solve this problem.

        • This goes beyond the eLearning field, since it prevents Vimeo movies from playing for example. I don’t know why the Google folks decided to enable this parameter by default but it is really frustrating for users who need to find the problem by themselves before actually solving it.

  1. Are these playback issues found in OSX 10.7 as well? I am in the process determining viability of team upgrade of Captiviate. Have not yet performed any of my own tests.

    The “hardware-accelerated video decode” setting is not available in Chrome 36 on my Mac. “Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform.”

  2. This update didn’t work for me. I followed the directions. After the patch I exported a project out of Captivate and the resulting CPM.js file still has noteON and noteOFF in it. I did all of this twice just to be sure.

  3. Is there another way to get this zip file? When I try to download it, I get a black page with no content. When I right click, I only get an html file of the web page downloaded, not the zip file that contains the package.

  4. Hmmmm…..I’ve just downloaded Captivate 8 and trying to put .oam into a new Captivate slide show. I can see the .oam (a logo) on the slide but when I preview, the .oam content is invisible. If I publish to html I can see it. Am I missing something?


  5. Any idea if this issue has been resolved with the latest versions of Captivate 8.01.242, and Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m???

    The interactive slides work, but the video freezes within a couple of seconds, when I try to preview in the browser.

    Windows 7 x64


  6. We just ran into this issue with Chrome as our learners have recently had Google Chromebooks deployed to them. The link above does not seem to be working again, does anyone know if a minor version update to Captivate 8 has address this yet? I’m currently on CP It’s usually a burden getting updates installed by our IT staff who has to manually push updates. Thanks.

  7. I have the same problem with a scorm package uploaded to Blackboard Learn. It works OK in IE but doesn’t work in Google chrome. Is there a similar fix for a Scorm package?

  8. Hi Dr. Pooja.
    I’m having problems in Google Chrome browser, the interactions are not displayed in this browser when exported in HTML 5. I’ve tried replacing the index.html file, it caused an error in Captivate that solved only by reinstalling the software. My Captivate is updated with the latest version and use the 32bit version. Any solution to this problem?

  9. I have Captivate, downloaded and moved the index.html file to the correct folder. I have closed Captivate, relaunched it, and republished the file to play correctly in Chrome 43.0.2357.130 m. It plays fine in IE and Safari. Can you advise how best to proceed?

  10. I am having issues with a Responsive project in Captivate 9. The learning interactions do not work, even with the fix above. Again, it is a responsive project so I don’t know if this is affecting it or not. I have version 45 of Chrome.

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