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Seminar now available – The new Adobe Captivate 8 – With great power comes great ease

aZooWith hundreds of people joining live for last weeks online seminar about the new Adobe Captivate 8 it’s clear that the eLearning industry is abuzz with excitement. I understand why. The ease of creating great mobile learning with the new Adobe Captivate is pretty astonishing. Here’s the link and description for last week’s online seminar in case you missed it.


Join Dr. Allen Partridge as he takes you through the power packed yet easy to use features in Adobe Captivate 8 which simplifies your eLearning authoring experience. Learn how to deliver high quality, seamless, responsive and device-aware learning experiences sans programming. Choose from a selection of out-of-the-box responsive themes to render customized content for multiple devices. Create award winning simulations, HD videos, interactive modules, games and more with Adobe Captivate 8. Whether you are a trainer, teacher, instructional designer or just someone who wants to create their own eLearning modules – this session is a must attend. Adobe Captivate 8 – minimum effort, maximum ease.

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