Introducing Adobe Captivate Draft: Storyboard and design eLearning on your iPad

Adobe Captivate DraftOne of the greatest new features in Adobe Captivate 9 is the addition of a pre-production workflow for Captivate. In fact with the addition of Adobe Captivate Draft for pre-production design and storyboarding, and the addition of Adobe Captivate Prime (an all new LMS from Adobe) it is now possible to complete your entire eLearning production experience using the Adobe eLearning solutions.

Instructional Designers and eLearning developers generally begin their course design process by developing a plan for the course. Often they work with various stakeholders including subject matter experts, legal counsel, managers and others to develop a solution that addresses the need which inspired the training in the first place. One of the most common ways to express plans for an interactive course is to create a storyboard. This is an illustration that depicts the expected content for each moment in a project – usually these are paralleled by slides in the finished eLearning.

Adobe Captivate Draft provides a simple, intuitive way for course authors to quickly draft such storyboards using only a finger and an iPad. It’s a mobile friendly, collaborative, and incredibly expedient way to rapidly develop your ideas and map out the design of your eLearning course.

Many of the details are expanded in this brief (7 min) video. Have a look and let me know what you think, or what questions remain in the comments section below.

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