September 14, 2015
A Personal Video Studio is at your Fingertips with Adobe Presenter Video Express
September 14, 2015
A Personal Video Studio is at your Fingertips with Adobe Presenter Video Express
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Adobe Presenter 11Adobe Presenter Video ExpressToday Adobe released Adobe Presenter 11 and Adobe Presenter Video Express 11. Presenter Video Express is included with purchases of Adobe Presenter 11, but now you can subscribe to Presenter Video Express alone if you just want the video tool. In this post, I’ll tell you about both tools, describe what’s new, and share my favorite features.

Adobe Presenter 11 is a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you

to quickly and easily create interactive eLearning right inside of PowerPoint. With Smart Learning Interactions, Simulations and Quizzing support, Adobe Presenter 11 provides a simple solution for creating rapid eLearning based on PowerPoint.

Adobe Presenter Video Express is an award winning video tool that provides virtually anyone a powerful and professional video editing tool that simplifies the process of video creation, editing and publishing. It has been widely recognized for it’s extraordinary simplicity and ease of use.

Meet Adobe Presenter Video Express, the secret to personalized, professional, show-and-tell interactive videos that you can create in a fraction of the time.

Professional Quality Video – Fast, Easy, Inexpensive. (You don’t have to pick two anymore.)
Video is popular. Virtually everyone in every field is using videos today to communicate ideas, share information and market products. Creating polished videos historically has been a pretty expensive process. Often organizations spend thousands making simple videos that combine a presenter and video of a computer screen or a location. Presenter Video Express simplifies the video creation process and helps you reduce the cost to a tiny fraction of that.

The Basics – Easy Capture, Intuitive Editing, Publish and deliver right where you want it.
All you need is a webcam, a microphone, and Adobe Presenter Video Express on your computer. With just three simple steps, capture, edit and publish – you are able to deliver high quality videos in minutes. You can record the video from your webcam and your computer desktop at the same time using Adobe Presenter Video Express, so explaining things on your computer screen while you interact with computer applications and information is natural and easy. Now you can also import video from your phone, your tablet or digital camera and then add the webcam commentary to the imported video using Adobe Presenter Video Express.

New and Cool: Personalized Backgrounds
Sometimes that bland wall behind you just doesn’t convey the right attitude or environment for the video you are trying to make. Now you can simply swap it out. The engineering geniuses at Adobe have figured out how to replace those plain wall backgrounds with custom images and videos – even replace them with your screen capture – without all of the fancy equipment you’d expect to need to create such magic. You just sit or stand in front of an uncluttered surface (like a wall) wearing something that doesn’t match the color of the background. Adobe Presenter figures out the difference between you and the background using the appropriately named, ‘Make my background awesome’ button.

New and Cool: Interactivity & In-Video-Quizzing
With the growing popularity of video, it is often desirable to alter the path of the video based on how well the viewer is following the content being shared. Now you can survey the viewer’s understanding or opinion and use their reply to jump the video to an alternate position in the timeline. This is great for repeating a prior portion of video if the viewer didn’t follow something, or skipping a section of video if the user comprehends earlier than expected. Simply ask a multiple choice or multiple answer question, and use the handy drop down menu to decide where to direct the video playback for either incorrect or correct answers.

New and Cool: Custom Video Effect Filters
Video Effects can add a touch of awesome to your videos, and now you can easily add professional video effects to either your webcam video or your personalized background (or both). Adobe Presenter Video Express includes a library of dozens of custom video effects to help you get the perfect look for your entire video in just a few clicks.

New and Cool: Imported Video with Presentation Capture Mixing
Now you can bring the videos you record on the road, in the field, or wherever you happen to be and mix them with your custom webcam presentations just as you do with screen captures. Simply import the video from your computer into Adobe Presenter Video Express and you’ll be able to record a webcam and voice-over using the imported video as a prompt to record your narration. The new videos can then be mixed with Adobe Presenter Video Express using the super-simple three button video editor to polish your finished product.

New and Cool: Annotation
Often you want to highlight some area of the screen, add a snippet of text or just circle something to bring emphasis. Adobe Presenter Video Express now includes custom animated annotations. You can add the annotations to the timeline and even move them around in the timeline – just as you can with edits, mix points and zoom animations.

Meet Adobe Presenter 11; Rapid eLearning Authoring right inside of PowerPoint.

New and Cool: Transform PowerPoint slides into Interactive eLearning
Rapid eLearning development is a breeze with Adobe Presenter 11. You author your project right inside Microsoft PowerPoint with the Adobe Presenter 11 plugin. Easily add a custom voice-over to your slides and include any of the many eLearning assets, interactions, simulations, quiz elements and more to create your own custom eLearning.

New and Cool: Create Video in 3 Easy Steps
Use Adobe Presenter Video Express 11 (Also included with Adobe Presenter 11) to easily create custom show and tell videos with a webcam and your computer. You can capture the video from your computer screen or import video in order to rapidly create professional videos with an incredibly simple editor. Publish effortlessly to major social media video sharing sites, or save the file as an mp4 to distribute anywhere you like. You can even publish directly to Adobe Captivate Prime, the all new LMS from Adobe.

New and Cool: Analytics for Actionable Insights
Publish your Adobe Presenter 11 eLearning to any major LMS to gain actionable insights from the interactions and quizzes within your projects. You can also easily publish directly to Adobe Captivate Prime, the all new learning management system from Adobe.

New and Cool: In-Course Web Browsing
Adding web pages, web content and more is now as simple as clicking a button in Adobe Presenter 11. Just select the Web Object button from the ribbon to insert a new web browser directly inside your Adobe Presenter 11 course. You can browse to any online location in order to share that content with your learners.

New and Cool: In-Course YouTube
Sometimes you want to share a YouTube video with learners. Now it’s easy to do so in Adobe Presenter 11. You can even jump to a specific time in the video with just a few clicks. Insert your YouTube video using the convenient button in the ribbon, then just fill out the simple form to select a specific video and decide whether you want to start from the beginning or play a specific section of the video.

Publish Directly to Adobe Captivate Prime
Adobe Captivate Prime is an amazingly accessible all-new Learning Management System from Adobe. Tight integration with Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate makes it incredibly simple to add your Adobe Presenter courses directly to Adobe Captivate Prime. Just click the publish button, and then select Captivate Prime to get started publishing your content to Adobe Captivate Prime.

Still hungry for more info on Adobe Presenter 11 and Adobe Presenter Video Express: Why not download a copy and start making your own videos today?

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