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I want to open a Captivate 8/9 responsive project in Captivate (2017 release). What should I expect?

If you open a responsive project that you had created using Captivate 8 or 9 in Captivate (2017 release), you can see the following:

  • Breakpoints from the previous version
  • File > Save as Responsive option is disabled
  • No option to add a Fluid Box

To convert to auto-responsive project in Captivate (2017 release), create a new responsive project, and copy-paste the objects into the new responsive project. Also, apply the same theme to the new project.

While copying and pasting slides, only the objects at a specific breakpoint get pasted. If there are objects in a specific breakpoint, copy and paste the objects separately.

To work with Fluid Boxes on the existing theme, you can save the theme when the project is initially opened in the breakpoint mode. Later, apply the theme in the auto-responsive project to which you will copy-paste the slides (and objects).

Then, to insert Fluid Boxes, click Suggest Fluid Box, or add them from the menuand rearrange the objects manually in a slide.

2 Responses

  1. Here is a tip that may help other newbies to fluid box adjustments. I converted a non-responsive project to responsive and then did the suggest fluid boxes which automatically put content in the boxes. I needed to add more boxes and the selector to add more vertical or horizontal boxes into the parent stayed grayed out. It took a while of playing around before I realized that to get the selector active I needed to empty that particular row or column. If you have not yet caught on to how to empty the fluid box, just select the item(s) to be removed and look for the Unlock from Fluid Box checkbox in the Properties Panel. When you are ready to place the content into the boxes, be sure to uncheck the ‘Unlock from Fluid Boxes’ for that object. Then just drag and drop in right to where you want to and it will snap in to the box you wanted.

    Once you catch on to some of these little things, it is really easy to work with fluid boxes especially for non-overlapping items.

  2. Hi,

    I am having an issues when copying over Captivate 8 slides into my Captivate 2017 project. We are working in breakpoint mode so we thought the copying would be a no-brainer. However, upon scrubbing down to a smaller size we discovered that not only did many of the smart alignments not carry over but also the shapes and text boxes used, even though set to auto-% to adjust size, were not working as they are supposed to. They are supposed to shrink down as we scrub down, instead they are not shrinking and are being pushed off to the stage as if they are set to %-auto. I was able to realign some assets by redoing the smart position lines and it worked for alignment. However, I tried to “reset” the shapes by changing the object size settings and it still did not respond. So thinking it had to do with Breakpoint mode, I opened a Fluid box project and copied over some slides and received the same results where the shapes are not responding when scrubbing down and are pushed to the side. Is this what we should expect when opening and/or coping over projects and slides from previous versions or am a doing something wrong?

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