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Showing Some Love For Captivate

I started my career back in July 2015 when I had no experience of developing elearning content, and had never heard of Adobe Captivate before.

At first I was in a state of panic, as the word developer filled my stomach with dread, as I can’t code to save my life. But I wasn’t to worry.

After learning on the job and also with the help of the internet e.g. Paul Wilson’s videos , I’m now more confident than ever with the software. With the tight deadlines I have at work, Captivate makes it easy to accomplish them and I don’t spend forever searching for the tools I need.

With the new 2017 release, things have just got a whole lot better. I’ve been testing it by simulating the type of work I do and one new feature I really love is the ability to change Advanced Actions from normal to conditional, this will save me hours. If only I’d had this before. I’m also loving the fluid boxes.

I can’t wait to get to know the 2017 edition even more and to see how else it will streamline my development.

Keep up the great work Adobe and thank you for your contribution to the elearnning industry.


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