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Resolve issues in published output (SWF) when your Captivate 2017 project contains YouTube Widget

When you insert YouTube widget in your Adobe Captivate 2017 project using Interactions menu > Learning Interactions and view the SWF output, you may experience the following issues:

  1. Video content getting truncated/cut-off in IE 11.
  2. Playback controls (play, pause etc.) do not appear when you hover your mouse over the video in IE 11.
  3. On Chrome and Firefox, You Tube widget doesn’t load.


  1. Download updated YouTube widget by clicking on this link – YouTube Widget
  2. Save the widget locally on your machine.
  3. Go to Insert menu > Widget and navigate to the downloaded YouTube widget and insert in your Captivate project.
  4. Publish the SWF output and YouTube widget will work fine on IE11, Chrome and Firefox.

One Response

  1. This actually doesn’t work for me. I’ve downloaded the new widget, inserted it into my project and published as an SWF. The only time the widget or the video actually show up is if I press F11 to preview. As a standalone SWF it doesn’t show-up or play. In fact, I’ve tried to use Widgets in my other Adobe Captivate 9 projects and none of them have ever worked, which is quite disappointing. Any other suggestions on what might be going wrong? Thanks!

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