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Adobe Presenter Video Express, A Cool Quick Video Tool

For major video projects, or when I need to edit videos beyond  just trimming I use Adobe Primer; however, when I needed to do just short Web cam videos or screen captures I would used other tools, mainly Techsmith’s Camtasia Studios. But the other day I downloaded Adobe Presenter Express and I was very impressed. Adobe Presenter Express is a top notch capture program, and it is fast! Creating tutorials using screen capture was easy and intuitive and the  “Change Your Web Cam Background” feature is awesome.

The editing feature are still pretty basic, but if you are creative and think outside the box you can do some pretty cool stuff. I use a Sony EVI-D70C pan/tilt/zoom camera and Dazzle video capture device instead of a Web camera, and using the change background feature I can make talking head videos without using the green screen. I save time because now I can use Adobe Presenter Video Express to record my videos and change the background on the fly instead of recording in front of the green screen and then using Primer to ultra key the video and then produce it. Creating tutorials using screen capture, and producing small Web cam videos was easy and fast using Adobe Presenter Video Express. If you are looking for a good capture tool and you are already using other Adobe Creative Suite tools, then using Adobe Presenter Video Express is a no brainier.



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