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Adobe Presenter 11.1 is now available

We are excited to announce the much-awaited update to Adobe Presenter – Adobe Presenter 11.1.

Adobe Presenter 11.1 now supports Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 (MS Office 2016). Adobe Presenter can be used now with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 versions. It will also include the 2017 version of Adobe Presenter Video Express.

Adobe Presenter 11.1 also includes enhancements and resolution to the below issues:

  • Improved user experience after security improvements in Flash Player 23 and upward releases
  • Resolution to the Presenter’s Flash preview which was not working as expected.
  • Better video conversion to import videos into Adobe Presenter using Adobe Media Encoder (AME).

A detailed list of the enhancements can be found in the Adobe Presenter 11.1 Release Notes.

Adobe Presenter 11.1 system requirements are available here.

Click here to download Adobe Presenter 11.1 for your Windows PC or laptop.

Note – Adobe Presenter 11.1 is a standalone release. As a prerequisite, you should uninstall any of the existing Adobe Presenter software versions in your system and install the Presenter 11.1 release.

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  1. How to add the ADOBE PRESENTER 11.1 plugin to Powerpoint 2016? I’m upgrading from Presenter 11 to version 11.1. When uninstalling version 11, I disabled the plugin in Powerpoint, and now, after installing the plugin, his TAB is not showing in the ribbon in Powerpoint. In File – Options – Addins the Adobe Presenter plugin is no showing also. I think I have to add it again; there is an option ADD. To add Presenter 11 plugin, it was enough to select the MENULAUNCHER.DLL file in the Adobe Presenter folder, but I couldn’t find this file in the Presenter 11.1 folder. One observation: when installing Presenter 11.1, I unchecked the version 11, that shows in the installation program. I installed ONLY the 11.1 version. It seems that Presenter 11.1 is well installed, but I have to find out how to add the plugin to Powerpoint. Any suggestions?

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