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Making Information Security eLearning Fun/Engaging

Hi all.

I’m designinig my first eLearning course outside of work, where I’m a developer, and it’s on Information Security/Cyber Awareness for employees.

I’ve never designed a course before, and am struggling to find a way to make it interesting for the learners. I’ve looked around and a lot of people use animation of characters/cartoons, but I don’t have this skillset, and feel it doesn’t treat adult learners as adults, like Paul Wilson¬†talks about. I’ve also worked my way through some, which are unbareable and are just information dumps with a quiz at the end.

I was wondering if anyone has experience in compliance and if you have any tips to for non-instructional desingers. I am learning about instructional design, but it’s more the approach I’m struggling with.



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  1. The “Information Security Awareness” training our hospital produced had a good idea: start with the “hook” of presenting actual emails that employees have received and asked them to click on the parts that raise your suspicion that it’s the work of scammers/phishers. It got you thinking about all the emails one receives and how you have to act like a detective to look at addresses, misspellings, signatures and the like.

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