November 8, 2017
Adobe Captivate 9 Tutorials
November 8, 2017
Adobe Captivate 9 Tutorials
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Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts. Below are links to videos that will guide you through the extraordinary features of Adobe Captivate. Come back to this page often as our collection is always growing. If you have a request for a topic that you don’t find here, please feel free to use the comment section below. And as always we love to hear from you!

Useful Resources

Adobe Captivate 2017 – Tutorials

Introduction to Adobe Captivate 9

What’s New in Adobe Captivate 9

New Project

Responsive Project



Captivate Draft: Storyboard

Captivate Draft: Review

Captivate Draft: Work with Creative Cloud

Multi-state objects

Multi-state objects: Drag & drop

Multi-state objects: Interactions

Multi-state objects: Slideshow

Multi-state objects: Questions

Applying Effects

Effects on Multi-state Objects

Enhancements to Responsive

Import SVG

Geo-location Enhancements

Device capture

Assets store

Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime

In-product LMS preview

Knowledge Check Questions

Review quiz buttons

Characters panel

Delay Next Action in Advanced Actions

Actions in Properties lnspector

Adobe Captivate 8 – Tutorials

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