May 12, 2018
Animation of Objects – Three Examples (Part 1)
May 12, 2018
Animation of Objects – Three Examples (Part 1)
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This will be a two part blog post in response to the particular thread linked below. The first part is the sharing of the project. Play with it and start thinking of ways this could add to your own projects.

I had some fun playing around with this idea and think there is a great many ideas that could potentially come from it. So thanks, Jay, for the inspiration to put this together.
I hope that what you see sort of matches what you were trying to accomplish.

I went ahead and made an example of both scenarios where an object is whisked off screen and magically reappears in another form. One scenario uses a single button to perform the object swap while the other scenario requires the use of two buttons – one to change and one to change back.

I then expanded on the concept and used two buttons to slowly increment the object to the right and to the left but keeping them within a specified range.

There were a couple interesting workarounds that I came up with to make this smoother from a performance standpoint.
I will explain all of the code and setup in the next post. For now, here is the working project.

I would love to hear all of the neat ideas that you come up with for using these ideas.

Happy Captivating!

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