July 28, 2018
15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech (Recording & Slides Included)
July 28, 2018
15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech (Recording & Slides Included)
Katrina Marie Baker works for Adobe as a Senior Learning Evangelist. Her independently operated consulting firm has advised organizations in aerospace, construction, healthcare, legal, retail, technology, and transportation. Katrina facilitates keynote sessions and master classes for learning professionals. She also maintains YouTube channel Learn Tech Collective. She has authored books LMS Success (2018), The LMS Selection Checklist (2018), and Corporate Training Tips & Tricks (2017). Katrina is a former Director of Technology with the Association for Talent Development. She has worked in people/project management and global training capacities for Fortune 500 retailer Whole Foods Market, and Global 100 law firms Cooley LLP and Latham & Watkins LLP. Previously, Katrina worked in music and video production for clients such as Disney Channel and Adult Swim.
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In case you missed the July 19th webinar, “15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech,” I wanted to post:

  1. The slide deck which features some fun pics from Adobe Stock, and
  2. The recording made available by Training Magazine.

We had an awesome audience who contributed tons of great ideas your organization can use.  The recording will open in Adobe Connect, and the session description is below for your reference.  Enjoy!

Trying to get your learners’ attention? You may have the world’s best training program, but that doesn’t mean much if your learners don’t show up for class! Join Katrina Marie Baker for fun, simple ideas that ensure learners are as excited as we are about learning and development.

This 60 minute webinar provides fifteen tips that will help you:

• Reach learners who are geographically dispersed, incredibly busy, or in need of individualized coaching

• Introduce new learning technology, such as a learning management system, in a way that is engaging and beneficial to your overall training program

• Creatively promote learning and development within your organization

• Use cases, best practices, and humor included free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you!

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2018-07-30 07:15:23
2018-07-30 07:15:23

What about training for eLearning tools like Captivate? I mostly reach only users all over the world, not in my country. There are a lot of problems now with training for US citizens due to the ‘Americans first’ moto…. Stubmling blocks that are not included.

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