August 27, 2018
Interactive video storyboarding and free template
August 27, 2018
Interactive video storyboarding and free template
I am a Learning Technologist for a medical training charity.  Training is my passion I love to develop e-learning 
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With Captivate 2019 you can make You Tube videos interactive with ease. The Cp team have done a great job in making the workflow quick to pick-up (putting to bed the rumours those who say that Captivate has a steep learning curve).

This means you can concentrate on designing your elearning using these new great features.

Before I sit down to my laptop I story board what I plan to do. Even for a short test module like this one I like to  storyboard.

Freebie alert

With this in mind I have created a storyboard template specifically for Interactive videos. I have attached a copy free for all to use.

It certainly helped me I hope it does the same for you

Benefits of Storyboarding

I prefer to storyboard for several reasons

1. It saves time when using Captivate. When I get to sit in front of my laptop I know what I need to do and, more importantly, what the end product is going to look like.

2. It enables me to concentrate on the learning objectives and helps me remove the redundant clutter.

3. It helps clients understand what you want to do quicker and changes can be made just as quick as you can write/ draw!

I’ve attached an image of how I used the template. Feel free to change it how you wish

Interactive video storyboard template

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2019-03-15 15:08:11
2019-03-15 15:08:11

Thanks for sharing the example! Coming from a video production background, I often wonder if there are better ways of creating storyboards for eLearning. It was interesting to see your method.

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