August 30, 2018
The Number 1 tool for the creation of Advanced eLearning
August 30, 2018
The Number 1 tool for the creation of Advanced eLearning
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7 years ago I created my first Advanced eLearning thanks to Adobe Captivate 5. It was a PowerPoint presentation enhanced with user interaction. Adobe Captivate 5 enabled me to quickly produce flash content with the ability to add action scripts and variables. A year later Articulate Released Storyline that dethroned Captivate out of my toolbox. It seemed that Adobe fell a sleep and their innovation was reduced to a catch up race with the competition. Until the great event of the Captivate 2017 release where Adobe took back the crown by enabling true responsive design, with their out of the box fluid boxes. Today Adobe has raised the bar with the release of Captivate 2019, making it again my number 1 tool for the creation of Advanced eLearning.

Why? When working on eLearning projects I want to have a streamlined agile workflow with as little tools as possible. Adobe delivers me a reduced production time because of:

  • The ability to live preview my eLearning on all my devices, straight from Captivate without having the extra publication burden to a web server.
  • The ability to test drive SCORM/xAPI without the need of an LMS through the integration of Scorm Cloud. Making sure that your final result will be compatible within your lms.
  • Quick voice over preview with Text To Speech, reducing the cycle time with professional voice actors later on.
  • Fast access to an extensive media library without the need of an extra subscription.
  • Easy creation of true responsive design with the enhanced fluid boxes 2.0. Going beyond a scalable player, so I know that my eLearning looks great on any device.
  • And the revolutionary support of 360° Media.

As an avid 360° photographer I finally have a tool that allows me to embed this immersive content into my eLearning projects. But even going further by allowing me to view the content not only on a classic computer or a mobile device but also trough VR powered devices like a Samsung Gear VR.

And all of this at an unbeatable subscription price, thank you Adobe for creating affordable tools that enable my creativity without boundaries.

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