May 15, 2019
Quiz Tweaks 6: Review mode
May 15, 2019
Quiz Tweaks 6: Review mode
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This post will offer some tweaks for the special mode labeled Review mode. In that mode the learner can view the given answers, which answers were correct/wrong and also the correct answers in case of a failure. Because of that design Review is only possible after the a Passing grade or after failure in the Last attempt on quiz level. In the previous article about the Score slide I explained how to hide the Review button in order to avoid the situation where the learner clicks the Review button before having exhausted all the quiz attempts.

During Review the Submit button has disappeared on the quiz slides. To allow navigation the Review navigation buttons appear automatically, at least if you have activated that feature in Quiz Preferences (which I strongly recommend if Review is allowed). If you don’t like the labels, you can use text ‘Next’, ‘Back’ or switch to image buttons (remember: shape buttons are not possible).

A very useful system variable was added some versions ago: cpInReviewMode. It is a Boolean variable, has value 0 during quiz attempts, and value 1 when Review starts. You will use that variable in the tweaks of this article.

Skip/Replace Quiz Audio

If you have added Slide audio to a quiz slide, you probably don’t want that audio to sound during Review mode. In that case you can use the mincronavigation approach with a shared action, explained in detail in these  blog posts:

Play Audio only on First View

Advanced to Shared Action

The action will be even less complicated, since you don’t need a tracking variable, but can use the system variable cpInReviewMode. The action (here shown as advanced action) will be simplified and has only one parameter. Beware: if you don’t create it as a shared action, you need to define the user variable v_skip. If you import a hared action, the variable will be created automatically. This actio has to be triggered by the On Enter event for each quiz slide.

If you want another audio clip to play during Review, I recommend to use the command Play Audio to the second decision (CheckIt). That review audio clip will become a second parameter in the shared action.

Show Feedback during Review

Since several versions the Review mode will show only checkmarks, no text message as you can find in the Quiz Preferences, Settings, Review Messages. Only the message for a skipped question will appear in the Review area, the other messages are only used for 508 compliance. If you would like to show a custom feedback you can use a conditional action to be triggered by the On Enter event of the quiz slide. Especially if you have a different message for each quiz slide, I would recommend (again) a shared action like this:

While custom items normally will be covered by embedded objects, during Review that is only the case for the Review navigation buttons. Be careful to locate the feedback message so that it will not be covered by the Review navigation buttons.

Of course, if you also need the action to skip the audio, you need to add this action as third decision to the one described in teh frist tweak.

Skip Correct Answers

Quite a while ago I explained a workflow in detail.  It was created for Captivate 6. Meanwhile a lot has changed: new system variables were made available (like cpInReviewMode), shared actions were released with CP7.  I will update the article for the present version in another pos, using actions that take advantage of the new features..


Do you have more ideas about tweaks for the Review mode? Please give a comment to tell me…

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