November 6, 2019
Virtual Reality Feature in Adobe Captivate 2019
November 6, 2019
Virtual Reality Feature in Adobe Captivate 2019
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Audio Script:

As a first step, select the Virtual Reality project under the New tab in the launch screen of the Adobe Captivate 2019 tool. Then, click on Create to work on virtual reality project. Now, click on the button to import 360 images from your local computer or from the assets folder in the tool.

You can drag the image by holding the left button of your mouse to view the image in 360 degree. You can add a text labels to your scene or Hotspots. Hotspot provides interaction to the user. Select any hotspot and double click on it to open the properties inspector. You can see On click drop-down to select the various interactions from that menu. Say, for example, let’s select Display text from that list. You can write a short description given in the text field. Let’s add another hotspot to the scene. I am going to select Play Audio this time from the On click drop-down menu. Browse the audio from the local computer and add it to the hotspot. Now, you can Guide your user as per the order you have added hotspot to the scene.

You can use Hotspots even to add quiz questions to the scene. Click on Add Questions in the properties inspector. Here, you can insert questions in two ways, either Multiple Choice or True or False. Select as many questions you wish to add to the scene and click on Ok.

You can simply type the question in “Type the question here” field and answers in the “type the answer here” field.

Then publish the course to view the output. User can rotate the screen in 360 degree view. Let’s click on the hotspot. The text is displayed on the screen. Here you can observe that the user is guided to the next available hotspot automatically. This is the question hotspot where user needs to answer questions. For the correct answer, the feedback is displayed automatically on the screen. Then click on the Continue button to move forward.

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