December 13, 2019
Creating Software Application Captures Made Easy
December 13, 2019
Creating Software Application Captures Made Easy
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Looking for a quick overview of how to create Application Capture Simulations with Adobe Captivate.  Yesterday I did a seminar on Application Capture and Screencasting for Training Magazine.  You’ll find a link to the recorded version here:


In this session I cover the following;

  • When / How would someone use this?
  • What are the goals (clusters of actions)?
  • What are the specific step-by-step actions to reach each goal?
  • What should my learner be able to do when they are done?
  • Show me, Try it, Test me – a typical model
  • Basic capture – let the software do it for me
  • Modifications to appearance
  • Adding more interaction with multi-state objects

You can also download the source demo file from the webinar here:

As usual, I hope you’ll let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Are you using application capture in your projects? How often,






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2019-12-14 09:52:26
2019-12-14 09:52:26

Theme and Preferences are important in the preparation of Software simulations and Video Demo. I tried to summarize them in this blog. Understand that you cannot squeeze everything in one hour webinar:

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