April 9, 2020
How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry
April 9, 2020
How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

The 21st century belongs to technology, which has brought a dramatic turnaround in nearly almost all industries. It is impacting all disciplines & industries, and with the advent of technology, the field of education has completely revolutionized. The basis of this vigorous transformation has been the evolution of Smartphones and mobile applications. The current pace of technology is exerting profound changes in the way people live and work.

The educational system around the global arena has gone through a drastic change over the years & this is the era of technological innovation & evolution. Education is the foundation of everything in the world. Without education, a civilization would stop progressing & become still.

One of the key players that have brought about this revolutionary transformation is the educational mobile app which assists the learners in their learning process. Today, the world seems to run on the app. Mobile apps are creating a more interactive and dynamic environment for the students.

According to the recent statistics, the educational mobile apps are the third most frequently downloaded applications on mobile phones with the current rate at 8.47%.

In recent times, the number of educational apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store has spiked.

Education Industry, How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

This is the high time for the industry to switch from the traditional educational system to the new age technological one and adapt it to bring in an era of standardized knowledge.

With the start of digitization, Education has seen a lot of changes in the past few decades. Education apps have been developed to provide one-stop solutions to the students of all age groups with salient features and to encourage the students to learn and gain more knowledge, despite any hurdle.

With the advent of Technology and Mobile access, students can learn nearly everything anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays, e-Learning mobile apps have created a buzz in the industry as most of the content on the internet is accessible through mobiles and a majority of the people prefer the convenience that smartphones provide.

Here are some of the ways how mobile apps are transforming the education industry

  • Improved Interaction and High Engagement

The most important factors in the education industry are Interaction & Engagement. If students are failing to engage with teachers or textbooks, they are likely to take more time to learn. Educational apps help the students to run with the pace of knowledge as it provides an enormous interactive User- interface.

One of the main reasons how educational apps are transforming the education industry is by providing and adding an option of various creative games which led to brainstorming and gives an opportunity to unleash their creativity.

These apps are usually developed with a user-friendly interface and attractive design which further led to improved interaction and high engagement between the users and the students/ professors. With the help of an educational app, students can interact 24/7 with their professors.

  • Systematic Learning

Educational apps have made learning systematic & more informative. Most schools and teachers follow a particular style of teaching that follows a well-defined syllabus & course structure. These education apps encourage systematic learning and allow students to learn with a new perspective and explore their interests at their own pace. The most useful feature of education apps is it keeps everything arranged and maintains a certain flow that students can follow with excitement and curiosity. It also allows students and professors to expand their reach and knowledge as it is a one-stop solution for most of the problems of the students.

  • 24×7 Availability

With mobile apps, there is practically no restriction & no boundaries in learning and one can learn at any place and time. However, with traditional classroom programs, this isn’t possible as you are taught at a certain time and within a specific timeframe as well.

Mobile app development services have made learning a lot more effective than in the case of traditional classroom programs as it is a fun, easy and convenient process.

Education Industry, How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

Just like you browse Facebook and chat on WhatsApp, education apps allow you to learn anytime and anywhere in the world with the feature of 24/7 availability with no timing or location constraints. With the help of the educational apps, students have the full flexibility & access over the information and study material 24/7.

Many people who opt for these types of learning courses, no longer have to worry about traveling to a specific place or attending a class or in case if they have skipped their lectures or classes because of any kind of mishappening or personal reasons.

  • Entertaining Learning Mode

With education apps, learning can become fun with the feature of entertaining graphics, imaginative illustrations, and various games make learning more enjoyable than ever.

Companies are also integrating augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) into these apps to further enhance the experience.

Educational apps have made the learning entertaining by featuring various types of games, puzzles & quizzes for the students to keep them busy and make the session interactive.

  • Ease of Communication

With the advent of technology, communication has become very easy & convenient. Communication is one of the most important tools and plays a very prominent role in every single industry so is the case with the education industry.

Educational apps help to establish an easy communication system between the students, teachers & parents that further help to increase the effectiveness of the educational system.

This feature of educational apps allows parents to keep track of attendance, assessment reports, and other remarks about their child, and thus promotes transparency in the system.

  • Customizability

Another important feature of the educational app is customizability. Every school and other educational organizations have their own set of teaching modules, training modes, and goals and ways of educating. With educational apps, education institutions got an opportunity to customize the apps and ways of teaching in their own way.

  • Easy Assessment of Projects & Assignments

Gone are the days when teachers had to check hundreds of test copies or assignments. With e-learning mobile apps, teachers can easily conduct tests & assessments in various formats like long-answer, short-answer, multiple-choice questions, match the following and more.

Education Industry, How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

These education apps also allow students & teachers to submit their assignments and to evaluate them by providing grades with remarks, respectively.

Educational apps also support the elimination of papers & support the concept of saving paper. These apps also help to ease the work of collecting hard copies, managing them, and doing everything manually.

  • Instant Updates

One of the most common problems that educational apps eliminate, and students face is missing important announcements and notices. With the advent of technology and mobile apps, one can fix this problem with instant updates & push notifications.

With the mobile apps, teachers and schools can instantly send notifications to students about rescheduling meetings, campus maps, events, staff directories, and library books they are supposed to return and more. This feature assures guaranteed delivery of notifications.

  • Sustainable Education

Mobile apps are transforming the education industry in several ways along with promoting sustainable education. Education apps limit the use of papers and other resources to create learning materials. Everything can be accessed online with a single click. Ultimately, these apps are making way for a greener and more sustainable environment.

  • Reduction in Costs

In the case of learning via mobile apps, it can certainly be said that the costs involved in it are cheaper when compared to the traditional learning system. Hence, it is certainly a great option for those people who cannot afford educational institutes that are above their affordable limits. On the whole, mobile apps make quality education available to everyone at a much-reduced cost.

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