April 9, 2020
Matchstick Game (use case Shared Actions)
April 9, 2020
Matchstick Game (use case Shared Actions)
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A while ago, with Captivate version 8, I created a SWF version of this game. If you have a browser (like IE) which still supports the Flash Player plugin, you can have a look using this link.  At that moment I already could take advantage of the brand new Shared Actions, which allowed to have variables defined as parameters. In versoin CP7 where shared actions were introduced, that was still not possible.

HTML5 output is now the standard. Moreover Captivate has been extended with some very useful features, which I would like to use in the second life of this game:

  • Multistate objects, making the old Hide/Show workflows unnecessary, sparing time which was needed for resetting. Feature was added with CP9.
  • Guides and Rulers; make setting up layout so much easier. Feature was added with second release of CP9.
  • New commands in Advanced actions: ‘Go to Next State’, ‘Go to Previous State’, ‘Delay Next actions by’ with CP2017 (and the much easier to use new dialog box).
  • Effects 2.0
  • Bitmap image used as button. New feature in CP2019, added with release 11.5. I also used some design elements from the new Quick Start Projects.

Why didn’t I use SVGs i this case? The stock image which I used to create the different matchsticks, did lead to smaller file size for PNG than for SVG. I know that they may be blurry when rescaled too much. There is no problem with the clickable area being the bounding box, due to the shape of the matchsticks.

Have some fun with:


I will post an explanation in detail in a blog post.

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