April 1, 2020
Structure your day project
April 1, 2020
Structure your day project
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Using “Tips to Structure Your Day” example to create several thought provoking freeform text entry interactions. The learners responses will be used to produce a report they can access at any later date to stay motivated.

Slide 1: Introduce the concept.

Slide 2: Display a video outlining several tips.

Slides 3-5: Prompt the learner to enter their plans to use specific tips.

Slide 6: Generate a custom online report with the learner’s responses that they can view and or print.

What is that example intending to do? When should the user use such a theme?

This example explains the concept and encourages the learner to plan how they will use their new knowledge. It also provides an instrument to maintain the learner’s motivation after completing the course.

This interaction should be used when the learner needs to recall information at a later date.

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2020-09-21 17:30:36
2020-09-21 17:30:36


Thank you for sharing this project.

The project ended on the submit slide and so I have no idea how the report is generated and if I can duplicate the same actions to make it work. Could you please explain?

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