June 30, 2020
Analog Clock with Captivate (V2)
June 30, 2020
Analog Clock with Captivate (V2)
I'm a former teacher (and headmaster) in french primary schools. Now I work as a freelance on the net as a webmaster. I used to work with Flash for many years, but now I'm starting to discover Captivate and find it amazing !...
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Hello Captivaters !…

Today I want to share with you a project about time…

I already had tried to make a nice project with an analogic clock :


But I wasn’t so pleased as the small pin (indicating the hour) didn’t behave properly between two fixed hours…

Encouraged by my mentor Greg, (See his recent post here : https://elearning.adobe.com/2020/06/analog-clock-2-an-advanced-experience/ ), the awesomes videos viewed during the Adobe recent event ( https://elearning.adobe.com/elearning_world/ ),
my current experience with Captivate, I thought it was time to make it better.

I just finished this new version for this platform, adapted from a version I use in my virtual french school.


I had some fun trying to play with some options of Captivate I rarely used…

Have fun with Captivate !…


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2020-07-01 13:31:17
2020-07-01 13:31:17

“…it was ‘time’  to make it better.”

Ha Ha – I see what you did there!

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