November 14, 2020
Engine, Engine
November 14, 2020
Engine, Engine
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This is a module assesses the learner’s ability to recognize and label rhythms in a known chant. The learners are six years old and using Chromebooks.

Stepping through the slides:

  • Slide 1: Learners username is required and is later used when sending score data
  • Slide 2: Having learned the chant “Engine, Engine” in class, and completed preparation activities in previous lessons, the students “build” the chant’s rhythm.  (Hint: click under each heart beat.)

Engine, engine number nine

going down Chicago line

if the train falls off the track

do you want your money back?

Yes, no, maybe so?

  • Slide 3: Completion time varies between learners.  A Highlight’s Hidden Picture (in conjunction with the Chrome extension Page Marker) is provided for them to work through while waiting for the remaining students to finish.  (The Highlight’s Hidden Picture has been removed from this submission; as I don’t have permission to use it outside of the classroom setting.)  When all students are ready to proceed, they click the continue button.
  • Slide 2: The learners are returned to their completed work on Slide 2.  Changing the answer (object state) has been disabled.  As a group, we compare their answers and rationale.  As the teacher, I have not proceeded past the 2nd slide.  I ask for student answers, adjust the notation to match their responses, and then we chant and clap to check their answers.  It provides an opportunity for them to learn from each others choices and mistakes.
    • The “Check” button is positioned at the top right corner versus the typical bottom right corner.  Children tend to be click happy or impatient when the device or internet does not respond instantaneously.  By moving the button, I have reduced students inadvertently progressing too far ahead of the instruction.
    • The check button, provides a visual assessment of their responses.  Beats with green hearts are correct, beats with red hearts are incorrect.
  • Slide 4: The correct rhythm notation for the chant is provided.  Students are assessed on their ability to recognize patterns and label the form.  (Hint: click in the white squares.)  A similar check is built in to the slide.
  • Slide 5 and Slide 6 are self explanatory.

Due to school district choices of platforms, when the learner reaches the Quiz Results page their score and response for each “question” are sent to a Google Sheet for data tracking.

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2020-12-06 16:33:03
2020-12-06 16:33:03

This was an awful programme. It has intuitions like it was made in the 90s. There are no self instructions in how to do various things. It’s a programme about making notes, and it’s completely silent. I can’t hear the song in the start, I can’t hear my suggestions, I can’t correct them. And why should I leave my name in the start of the game. If this was a school test I would give the programme E. It didn’t fail because it worked, but there were no easy understanding and no sound.

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