December 8, 2020
Retake Tweaks (Quiz): Skip content slides, Possibility to retake full course
December 8, 2020
Retake Tweaks (Quiz): Skip content slides, Possibility to retake full course
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Yesterday I posted a sample project, as a showcase for both tweaks (and more). If you didn’t watch that tutorial (about your Captivate  skills), here is the link:

Captivate tutorial (Retake Quiz Tweaks) – eLearning (

This blog will explain the workflow for both Quiz tweaks:

  1. Question slides are not in sequence but in between content slides. When using the default Retake workflow, all content slides after the first question slide will appear. First tweak will avoid this.
  2. In the past I already have posted a workflow to force the learner to retake the full course, after 1 or 2 failed attempts. This tweak is different because there is no ‘forcing’. On the score slide the learner has the possibility to choose for Retake quiz or Retake course.

This may seem rather simple, but the combination of both tweaks makes the actions more complicated.  In the sample project I also added the Custom Review messages, which were explained in a previous blog post:

Custom Feedback during Review Quiz – eLearning (

There are several content slides with Forced Viewing. They use a Shared action, which is not explained in this blog neither. That shared action is in my Library with shared actions, and a full explanation can be found in:


Situations and events

In this course we have to deal with 3 different situations:

  1. First view: the tutorial will be followed as designed. It is not a linear course, because the slide with the 3 topics is a sort of dashboard, from which branching occurs. Each branch ends with a question slide. The return to the dashboard slide is configured using the Success and Last Attempt action of that last quiz slide.
  2. Not first view with Retake Course: is a Retake but including all content and quiz slides. All quiz slides, and the dashboard (Topics) slide need to be reset to their initial state. Difference with 1: the number of attempts on quiz level.
  3. Not first view with Retake Quiz (only): this is the default Retake situation, but needs actions to skip the content slides situations in between quiz slides.

This screenshot of the Advanced Interaction panel shows the relevant interactions to cope with those 3 situations:

There is one special Advanced action, not visible in this panel: On Enter for the first question slide there is an advanced action needed. It will not show up in this panel. The events for the other actions are indicated by a colored box.


There are a number of reusable variables (v_1, v_2…. and v_counter) needed for the multiple Forced View content slides, and the system variable (cpInReviewMode) for the custom Review message. For the Retake tweak workflow only these  variables are used:

  • v_course: has a default value of 0. That value is valid for situations 1 and 2, where content slides need not to be skipped. The variable will be toggled to 1 for situation 3, where content slides need to be skipped.
  • cpQuizInoPassFail and cpQuizInfoAttempts: both quizzing system variables
  • v_theme, v_timeline, v_shared  are used to track the completion of the three topics, on the dashboard slide. I mention them because they will appear in an advanced action.


EnterTopics (Advanced action) triggered On Enter for slide ‘Topics’

This action checks the values of the variable which are associated with completion of the three chapters. Only when all have been visited, the learner will be navigated to the score slide. That score slide shows the results of the complete quiz.

There was no possibility to use the variables (v_1, ….v_6) on this slide. Since the action is only used once, it made no sense to use a shared action neither. For situation 2, this Topics slide needs to reset. Reset is happening with the RetakeAct action (see below).

FirstQuestion (Advanced Action) triggered by On Enter  First question slide

Only the second decision (RetakeCourse) is relevant. First decision is for the custom Review message. That second decision is required for Situation 2. Since the Retake button is used in that situation, by default the learner will be sent to this slide, the first question slide. But in Situation 2 the learner wants to see the full course. For that reason learner is redirected to the Topics slide.

EndQuestion (Shared action) for Success and Last Attempt (last question in sequence)

Each decision corresponds with a situation (same sequence as situations).

This action is meant to skip the content slides in Situation 3 – ‘Decision SecondNormal’. In that situation the last question will be followed by the first question in the next sequence of questions. The two other decisions navigate to the Topics slide.

There is one exception: the last question slide of the last sequence needs to navigate to the score slide. I could have used the same shared action and give the second parameter the value of the score slide. However due to my experience with low bandwidth situations, it is better to use Continue for the Success/Last Attempt actions on question slides. For that reason, I used the shared action as template to create one Advanced Action:

EnterScore (Advanced Action) On Enter for score slide

As explained under Variables, the user variable v_course is tracking whether a normal Retake will be done, or a full course Retake. Of course the button to Retake full course is not needed when the quiz is passed. If the learner failed, the value of v_course is toggled to 1. That stands for a normal Retake (no content slides). The start value was 0, which meant that all slides were viewed the first time.

RestartAct (Advanced Action) for Success Event custom button (Bt_Restart)

If the learner fails, that button will appear on the score slide. It is a shape button, having the same look (style) as the Quiz buttons. It will trigger this action:

It is a standard action, inviting the learner to click the Restart button.  At the same time it will reset the variables for the course situation (v_course) and for the items on the Topics slide, both variables and states. That slide was the only ‘forced’ slide where the ‘Retain State on Slide Revisit’ was checked, hence the need to reset the states.

The state change for the button is to pop up the explanation text, inviting to click the Retake button. As usual I did drag the Review button under the Retake button. Review button will only appear after the Quiz is Passed or all attempts on Quiz level are exhausted.

2024-01-17 20:58:07
2024-01-17 20:58:07


Do you know how to do this in new Captivate?  In my course, Question slides are in between content slides, but I want Retake only show the Quiz questions and not the content slides, only the quiz slides in sequence. I asked in a separate post, but I’m not sure if I was clear about what I was trying to do…

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2024-01-18 10:09:20
2024-01-18 10:09:20
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Hi Suzanne, I have also answered your question in the Adobe forum:

I perfectly understand what you want to do, and hoped that the same workflow could be reproduced in the New Captivate because quizzing is one of the features which inherited a lot from the older versions, including the (renamed) quizzing variables. No shared actions however, and it looks like a conflict between the bookmarks you use as trigger and the On Enter slide event.

2021-01-17 21:53:48
2021-01-17 21:53:48

Very detailed, thank you!

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