March 7, 2021
Temperature Conversions
March 7, 2021
Temperature Conversions
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Hello Everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a learning module on temperature conversions. This is a module that would be geared for students at the high school level – perhaps even an upper level or advanced middle school course. This module features many different ways to offer help, learning, practice, and fun on the lesson topic.

Here is a rundown of features found in this module.

  • Title slide animation that toggles between something hot and something cold
  • Custom Table of Contents will slide in/out on click of the hamburger/’X’ button
  • Lecture slide where the learner can find a short 11 minute video with explanation of the lesson and module.
  • Visualization slide with an interactive slider and two thermometers that animate to visually compare the two temperature scales
  • A slide for endless practice problems. Conversions in both directions are random and tracked separately. Students may spend as much time practicing as they need to feel comfortable with the task.
  • A slide with a high level matching game that asks you to pair equivalent Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature tiles together
  • Matching game is randomized tile locations for endless unique play opportunities.
  • Assessment page with 10 random problems to solve. No two tests are alike!
  • Assessment offers a re-take if below 70%.
  • All assessments are scored and a grade presented to the student.
  • Number of submissions and scores would be tracked
  • Linear and non-linear navigation to allow the learner to practice as little or as much as necessary based on their prior knowledge. Learner can jump right to the assessment or skip the game, etc.

Feel free to post screenshots of your awesome game performance in the comments.

Thanks for taking the time to look through the module.

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2021-08-28 20:29:51
2021-08-28 20:29:51

I love the notebook type quiz, you make it look like a realistic process like in a real classroom.

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