November 25, 2022
Top UI/UX Design Trends Transforming Mobile App Development Design
November 25, 2022
Top UI/UX Design Trends Transforming Mobile App Development Design
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A great app needs to align with UI/UX design trends transforming the mobile app development industry. It is essential that you do not miss out on any of the modern trends to deliver an optimal user experience. With that said, this blog will uncover modern UI/UX design trends that you must understand while building your app. Without any further ado, let’s head straight into the pointers.

UI/UX Design trends for your mobile app

Do you know that a Good UI raise conversion rate up to 200%, and a great user experience can convert it to 400%? And about 80% of adults believe a mobile page should be better than a desktop version. Why? Because people prefer mobile apps over desktop apps in 2022 and beyond. So ignoring the UI/UX trends in your website will decrease your conversion rate. Here are the top UI/UX trends for your mobile app to increase your conversion rate by 400%.

Rounded Corners

Whether it is an android app or an iOS app, rounded corners are extremely popular. Rounded app corners align with the rounded corners of the smartphone, and apps look appealing to the users. It is even smoother for the eyes to adapt to rounded corners.

Login Without Passwords

Delivering ease to login into the app is a part of UI/UX design. A great app takes care of the efforts of users. Today mobile apps like LinkedIn perform automatic sign-in from Google reducing the efforts of users to enter passwords. Make sure that you offer multiple sign-in options to the users in a visible format. If the app requires OTP, make sure that the UI is smooth enough for users.

Animations in Your App

When a user adds an item to a cart, users sometimes can’t see if they are added or not. Use advanced animations to let users know what is going on with their clicks. For example, an item flying from the add to cart option to the cart can help users know what is going on with their clicks. Further, change the item name to added cart smoothly, letting users know their item is already in the cart.

Dark Mode

It feels awkward to the users when their preferred mode is dark mode, and the app they are using is in light mode. For an optimum user experience, prepare your app with both light and dark modes. Dark modes drain less battery and reduce the eye strain for the users.

Buttonless Design with Liquid Swipes

A liquid swipe is a powerful feature. For example, when a user swipes left in the app, it may open the menu option. Or, for an E-commerce app, a right swipe might add the item to a cart. Liquid swipes offer more room for features and functionalities.

Illustration Full Designs

Do you know that users love illustrations in mobile apps? Illustrations amplify user experience delivering ease of navigation. For example, you can use an illustration of doctors as a button to show on-demand doctor categories.

Bottom Navigation Bar

Before 2021, the top navigation bar was popular in mobile app designs. With modern trends, the navigation bar was shifted to the bottom so that apps could hold more space for other features. It is beneficial for multi-tasking on Android phones. Further, the content in the app is highlighted more when the navigation bar shifts to the bottom of the screen.

Chatbots with Amazing User Experience

Chatbots have become very popular and have become one of the modern UI/UX design trends. Brands are competing to deliver the best user experience to the users. From the rounded suggestion buttons to emojis and conversation animations, an elegant UI design for Chatbot is a must.


The above UI/UX design trends can deliver an optimum conversion to your mobile app. If your app lacks a great design, you will lose users. And today, with the increasing competition, users always have multiple alternatives to your business. Even if your code works great, but your app lacks a smooth user experience, it won’t lead the competition. After studying all the above trends, you can consult your mobile app development company and integrate the modern UI/UX design trends.

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