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Changing default captions in TOC










Image 1. Default TOC


Image 1 shows the default captions in TOC that Adobe Captivate creates. Captivate allows us to change the captions in TOC so that the TOC can look like the example shown in Image 2.









Image 2. TOC with changed captions


Now let’s see how we can do it.

Well actually it is very simple. Just create a text file with the following text in it.



SlideTitle=Module Name



MoreInfo=My Info


ClearToolTip=Wipe State


NoSearch=String not found



Name this file as TOCStrings.ini and save it in the folder in which Adobe Captivate is installed. Default path where Adobe Captivate is installed is “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 4”. Well that’s it. Now just create a new project and you will have what you want.

Now I’ll discuss some limitations of this feature

  1. This setting can be done only for the new project. You can not change those strings once the project is created.
  2. Layout of TOC is very sensitive to the length of the strings (in pixel). Although, smaller strings than the default strings are accommodated without any issues, bigger strings may not appear correctly at run time. Hence make sure that the strings do appear correctly at run time before using it for the actual project. (Skin preview might be deceptive some times, as the preview shown there is stretched to fit the available display area.)

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  1. Hello MarkJust create a captivate movie with required captions in toc and make it the master movie in Aggregator.The Aggregator TOC picks up captions from master movie.

  2. >>LieveI think by term “Slide” you mean the TOC entry caption, which is same in both the demo images posted in blog.TOC entry caption is editable from skin dialog.also when you auto-generate the TOC for the first time or when you reset the toc, toc entry caption is picked from slide Label.hence answer is yes.

  3. Hi,Is there any way to hide that little expand icon that appears at the top of your slide when you choose to overlay the TOC?I would prefer to just use the TOC button in the skin.thanks

  4. Hi Sunil,Is there any way to delete any of the topics in the toc? I do not want the duration to display at all (trying to create an online guide). I removed that line from the TOCStings.ini file but it still displayed the header and the actual duration next to each slide.Thanks,Amy

  5. @Amy,You can choose not to show the toc entry from the skin dialog. Next to each toc entry, there is visibility check box for that purpose.You can also turn off the visibility of duration column from toc-settings dialog, which can be invoked from skin dialog.About hiding Footer duration, we don’t have any way of doing it.

  6. I’m seeing very strange behavior from the TOC when loading successive Captivate movies within a Flash wrapper. In each successive movie, the TOC inherits the topic labels from the initial movie. The number of topics is correct in each movie, and the bookmarks still work correctly, but the labels are incorrect. For example, if Movie 1 has topics Slide 1, Slide 2, and Slide 3, and Movie 2 has topics Page 1 and Page 2, during playback Movie 2 will take on the topic labels from Movie 1 (Slide 1 and Slide 2). Already submitted a bug report, but posting here just in case it gets a quicker response. Publishing for AS2/FP8.

  7. One revision to the bug I reported above: if a subsequent movie has more TOC entries than the initial movie, its TOC will contain the right number of entries, but the ones from the subsequent movie are appended to the ones from the initial movie (and the number of entries in the first movie are omitted from the end of the array in the subsequent movie).So, if Movie 1 has Slide 1 and Slide 2 as TOC entries, and Movie 2 has Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 and Page 4 as TOC entries, the TOC for Movie 2 will read as follows:Slide 1Slide 2Page 1Page 2Also, the first two bookmarks will be innaccurate, but the last two will link to Page 1 and Page 2, respectively.Is there a way to clear out the TOC entries array created by previous movies when they unload?

  8. @Steve,Thanks for raising this issue.I am not able to reproduce the bug that you are talking about.It will be great if you can share a sample bug file/s with us, so that we can investigate the issue.please free feel to mail me on

  9. I am seeking a method to delete the Duration title and the time listings in my TOC – or at least time the training and change the duration times to a more realistic number. The auto-generated times do not match the time it takes to complete each module.

  10. Is there any way to force the TOC to overlay when using aggregator? the SWF’s were set as overlay but when i brought them into aggregator it force the TOC to the side?ThanksG

  11. ok thanks Sunil, the reason i was using aggregator is that i had problems saving files larger than 100mb in captivate, it wouldnt allow me to save?Any ideas why this would be? is there a file size limit?ThanksG

  12. Hi Sunil,Thanks for the workaround. It works great, but I’ve run in to another problem. I had my entire project done and the client wanted a translated version, so I used your trick as follows:I made a new project (ProjectB) with the TOC headings changed and simply imported all of my slides from ProjectA to ProjectB. I ensured prior to import that all of my preferences were identical to ProjectA.Now all of my clickboxes have lost their navigation! They all now say “continue” instead of “jump to slide xyz”. The navigation is critical to my project.Any thoughts here?Thanks.

  13. Hello Sunil,i’m preparing my captivate project using Arabic language.The TOC entries arabic words in project display are switched left to right instead of right to left.what to doi need your advice pleaseThanks

  14. I have noticed that if you customize labels in preferences in the middle of a project you cannot apply the changes to already created slides. It is a real problem! The changes apply only to new created slides but not to already created ones. So, if you want to customize the labels later you must manually update every button. It is a real nightmare! Or I miss some techniques which I can use to force them apply to all created slides?

  15. Hi,
    I am having trouble with the aggregator and the TOCs. When I generated the Aggregator, it does not show the run-time of all of the modules – it shows as 0 time.

    And even though the individual modules TOCs have a border around the whole slide, the aggregator does not show it.

    Can someone please help me to figure this out?


    • Chieri, yes. if i’m following you correctly – just go to Window:Skin Editor and choose the TOC Settings. You can modify there and save the new version or choose from the samples in the drop down. LMK if this is what you were looking for.

  16. Hi Allen,

    No, you can’t change the default captions the way you describe, at least not in Captivate 4.

    On another note, does anyone know if it is possible to remove the “star” symbol for bookmarking. I don’t need bookmarks and don’t want that star symbol.


  17. Hi! Thank you very much for this post! I usually produce contents in portuguese, so having that information in english wasn’t pretty 🙂
    One more question… Is it possible to also edit the term “Find” in the bottom of the TOC?
    Thanks in advance, Mariana

  18. Hi, Good useful posts. Can we remove the current time/total duration display from the bottom of the TOC. Captivate adds this by default and I need to hide it or remove it from my course. Any suggestions?

  19. Is there anyway to hide the TOC on the first slide of a project, but have it appear from the 2nd slide on through to the end? I want the learner to enter a password in order to see the slides coming up, but if I include the TOC, then they can completely by-pass the logon procedure and view the contents using the TOC.

    PS – I also don’t want to disable TOC navigation.

  20. As the TOCString.ini file is saved in the Captivate folder and not a specific project’s folder, how can I use this file when working on:
    1. Multiple Captivate projects simultaneously?
    2. Multiple modules (with different module names) within the same project?

  21. I just created an TOCSrting.ini file for Captive 9 and it worked flawlessly. I did not encounter “Limitation 1” listed by the original author. An exisitng CP9 project picked up the changes and published them again without issue.

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